For more than 20 years Kioti has offered Australian farmers well-specced compact tractors. The latest EX series is sophisticated and competitively priced, earning rave reviews across the Ag sector. 

Power, versatility and exceptional value; sounds too good to be true for a compact tractor, right? 

Not anymore. Little wonder Kioti and its new EX series have caught the attention of the market. The South Korean manufacturer, proudly distributed by PFG Australia, is renowned for its reliability – that much is a given – but its recent model releases have upped the ante in terms of tech and spec offerings in the compact tractor space. 

The EX series is the perfect, versatile fit for general purpose farm work, day in day out. Whether you’re running a hobby farm, smaller acreage or more substantial property, the Kioti EX5310 (53hp) and EX5810 (turbo-aspirated 58hp) offer new features and top-notch specs at a sub-$40k price tag. 

Let’s take a look at power first. Achieving a top speed of 27.9 km/h, each model has a robust hydraulic system flow of 62.4L/ minute, with power take-off of 540-750-1,000rpm and comes equipped with CAT 1 three point linkages and manual linkage controls. The rear lift capacity is impressive, too, able to handle a maximum load of 1,131kg.  

The EX series is designed and built for rugged Australian conditions and our ever-changing seasons. Operators need traction and manoeuvrability, so Kioti offers as standard wet disc-type brakes, power steering, 12 x 12 three-range smooth synchro shuttle transmission, with a dry single clutch, rear diff lock and a handy push-button 4WD. 

Driver comfort is a priority. Longer stints in the saddle are no issue with fully adjustable deluxe suspension and a standard foot-activated tilt steering column. We also like the deluxe suspension seat with seat belt and a fold-over rollover protection system for operator safety.   

Other specs and features include: 

▪ Step-through platform for ease of access 

▪ Two sets standard rear remotes 

▪ Front work lights 

▪ Standard three-speed auto PTO 

▪ Ground clearance of 405mm 

▪ Starting price of $32,723 inclusive of GST (both models) 

▪ Loader (with four-in-one bucket) takes the price to $35,995 (inc. of GST) 

Naturally, Kioti can provide options for different farming needs. A backhoe with a 2,134mm dig depth, 150 degree swing arch and a 12-inch (30cm) bucket is available as an add-on option from $9,995 (inc. GST). 

Whatever your type of operation, from feeding out hay to paddock clearing and everything in between, the Kioti EX5310 and EX5810 offer reliability and flexibility at an ultra-competitive price.  Have a chat with your local Kioti dealer, climb into one and discover the difference. The EX series will be a great choice for a superior tractor.