The new Deutz-Fahr 4E Keyline series – where compact design meets great innovation 

When it comes to general farm jobs, loader work, transport operations, field work, clearing and so much more, the tasks of a utility tractor are diverse and demanding.  

Introducing the new Deutz-Fahr 4E Keyline HD Series, an exceptionally versatile and robust pair of tractors with a sharp, contemporary design and superior comfort for the operator.  

The new 4E Series tractors are not only well suited for multiple uses on your property, they also feature world-class, innovative technology in a durable frame 

The range consists of two models with power outputs from 50HP to 60HP. The 4050E Keyline HD produces torque of 184nm from a 3-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, while the 4060E Keyline HD produces torque of 221nm from 3-cylinder turbocharged intercooled engine. 

Both are designed in accordance with the latest standards for ergonomics.  

Being a Deutz, the driver zone features sensibly organised and clearly identified controls that are intuitive and easy to use. Comfort and safety are prioritised, with the seat and wheel adjustable and abundant space on the platform for the driver to move freely and get comfortable. 

Being a Deutz, the 4050E and 4060E come equipped with proficient and sturdy transmissions and engines. They have the right transmission for a specific operation and the right speed for a specific job.  

Consider the convenient shuttle lever, allowing for easy, effortless shifting from forward to reverse while on the roll without grinding the gears. Consider the creeper providing low ground speed at high engine RPM for specialised work. 

The large capacity fuel efficient 3 litre, 3-cylinder engine features Bosch individual injection technology, meaning the tractor can be used at lower engine revs. The result? Better fuel consumption and less noise. 

When it comes to the attachment points of the new 4E Series, the impossible becomes achievable. The dynamic hydraulic rear lifts work productively with a wide range of mounted and towed implements that would normally only be usable on far more powerful tractors.  

And being a Deutz, the mechanical rear power lift is extremely accurate with simple, precision control. The rear of the tractor is fitted with heavy duty epicyclical final drives and axles, enabling the carrying and operating of high loads – especially with a rear lift capacity of 1600kgs. 

For ease of climb on and walk through, steps and handholds are positioned on both sides of the tractor. Ergonomics and comfort come to the fore; the spacious flat floor operating area and well-positioned, colour-coded controls makes working with the 4E Series tractors a pleasure.  

It gets better, with a canopy, upswept exhaust and wheel weights all standard. Purchase a loader for your new 4E Series tractor and the third function and 4-in-1 bucket are standard, too.