Partway through the 2020 wheat planting season Errol Darley needed a replacement tractor – and quickly. He got on to the guys at NFS AG in Gunnedah, New South Wales, stressing the urgency, and took delivery of a new Versatile 320 FWA shortly thereafter.

“I’ve known the people at NFS for a long time,” says Errol. “I only gave them five days to get the 320 here and they made it happen.”

He farms 800 hectares with a mix of dryland crops – wheat, barley and canola – and irrigated crops, which are mainly wheat and cotton. Obviously, Errol had to move fast but he also wanted a machine with plenty of grunt, could be relied on and was easy enough to drop straight into his farm work.

“Price and simplicity of the Versatile 320 prompted the decision to buy; some of the other tractors have gotten too complicated. The standard inclusion of Trimble helped with the time factor. It’s fitted and ready to go.”

Immersing the 320 FWA into planting and then mixed work afterwards meant Errol had the opportunity to test its capacity across a range of activities.

“Since we got the 320 we’ve used it with a twelve metre air seeder, a six metre chisel plough and six metre offset discs. It certainly has plenty of power and I like the ease of operation; it’s maneuverable and easy to turn at lower revs because the torque is down low. The cab is roomy and comfortable.”

Errol’s son received some training off NFS AG and passed on his knowledge. Suffice to say, since then the 320 has passed its tests on Errol’s farm.