The McHale Fusion Vario integrated baler wrapper – proving to be the best in the business 

It is rightly said that reputations are formed in the field. Under testing conditions, day in and day out, is where a piece of farming machinery earns its stripes. 

The McHale Fusion Vario integrated baler wrapper has well and truly passed the test. Since its release the Fusion Vario has garnered acclaim across the globe. Its reliability, unique patented bale transfer, vertical wrapping ring and exceptional output continue to impress.  

Feedback from customers is uniformly positive. They speak of ease of operation, features such as film break sensors, the speed of bale transfer, and the Vario’s ability to make different size bales. As for the bottom line, consider the fuel and labour savings by using the same machine to bale and wrap. 

Locally, George Apted, owner of Apteds Farm Services, worked for years with a McHale V660 baler before upgrading to the Fusion Vario baler wrapper. He provides full farm contracting to customers north of Melbourne and up into the Goulburn Valley. 

George’s mission for the new baler wrapper was simple – increase output at a reduced cost – which was something of a challenge, given the variety of terrain the machine would be required to operate in. The Fusion Vario came up trumps, again and again. 

“PFG Australia and [local dealer] Christian Barnett promised the Fusion would bale and wrap 70 bales an hour,” George said, “and it certainly does that. It’s easy to manoeuvre and having trailer brakes on the machine is a great help.  

“I’ve used other top brand balers, but they can’t equal McHale for longevity and robustness. As soon as people see the Fusion operating, you see the smiles on their faces, because it just works.” 

Notably, the Fusion Vario ramped up the business’s output while simultaneously cutting costs. In previous seasons George would hire a wrapper. That was no longer necessary. Labour costs were cut, too, from a three-man team to two-man team, meaning fewer tractors were in the field. 

“We save significantly on labour and time,” said George, “and the fuel savings alone are huge. With this kind of efficiency, the Fusion more than justifies the money. It’s the only baler you need.” 

The Fusion Vario is fully automated and integrated, featuring McHale’s patented high speed transfer system. Bale transfer occurs in one pass, without slowing output.  

When the bale is formed, netting is applied and the bale chamber then splits horizontally; the lower section transfers the bale into the wrapping ring. When the chamber closes, the operator carries on working as the machine automatically starts the wrapping process. 

The Fusion Vario can wrap bales from 1.1 metres up to 1.45 metres, with the patented tip roller adjusting its height in line with bale size, thereby ensuring the plastic always goes onto the centre of the bale, regardless of bale diameter. 

“Customers love the density and shape of the bales and the high quality of the final product,” said George, “and when we leave the paddock, it’s all done. There’s no waiting for a wrapper and no contamination either because the bales never touch the ground.” 

Another feature that has met with approval is the machine’s ability to hold one bale in the wrapping cradle, meaning two bales can be dropped side-by-side in the paddock. This halves the time spent picking up bales.  

Little wonder word continues to spread. 

“The Fusion is bulletproof,” said George. “It’s the most satisfying machine I’ve ever used.”