“My son is three years old and he tells everyone that dad’s got a black tractor!” 

So says Tom Martin, a sheep farmer and cropper from the historic Goulburn region of New South Wales. He’s kept busy all-year round with a spraying and spreading contracting business, too. Earlier in 2021 he traded in one Deutz-Fahr for another; out went the Agrotron 165 and in came a brand new 226 hp 6215 Warrior RC Shift.  

To say it got the district’s tongues wagging would be an understatement. 

“Yes, my neighbours came by and had a look,” says Tom. “It has caused some comments, for sure. From my perspective, it looks fantastic. For the dollars you’re spending for what you’re getting, it’s good value.”  

The Deutz-Fahr 6215 Warrior RC Shift is a stunning example of precision engineering meeting world-class design. From its Deutz Tier 3, 226 horsepower, 6.1 litre turbocharged engine to the superbly outfitted and spacious MaxiVision deluxe cabin, this Warrior not only means business, but it also makes farm work a darned sight easier. 

“We love the horsepower and it covers the ground beautifully,” says Tom. “I’ve done the majority of the driving … it’s up to about 390 hours of work so far. It’s only four and a half metres long, so that makes it great for spraying, and we’ve got a ten-tonne spreader and it hauls that really well, too. The Warrior is easy to manoeuvre; I can bend it right up in corners. 

“We needed the full powershift. The old Deutz had about four thousand hours on it and never missed a beat the whole time, but my market is spraying and spreading so I needed something that’s quick, nimble and with plenty of hydraulic flow. For what I do, it suits me down to the ground.” 

For Tom’s contracting operation, one of the great benefits of adding the Warrior to his stable has been the 50 km/h RC Shift auto transmission. It means he can cover distances relatively quickly and at lower revs than tractors he has owned previously. He reaches top speed at 1400 rpm, giving him much better fuel efficiency. 

“The RC Shift is terrific,” he says. “The computer on it tells me I’ve averaging twelves litres [of diesel] an hour, or just over, so for 220 horses I reckon that’s pretty good. We’re very happy with that, because when I’m jumping from job to job it’s saving a lot of money.” 

With Tom’s business, manoeuvrability and operating agility are keys to success. The electronic hydraulic control means he can regulate the hydraulic pump speed for both his sprayer and spreader and, while he loves the comforts and smooth ride of the overhauled deluxe cabin, it’s the overall proficiency of the Warrior’s performance that really impresses.  

“The hours that you’re putting in are much better spent,” he says. “The cruise control function within the gearbox is really good, especially with spraying. With the auto shuttle you just turn it around, hit the button and away you go again. Having that on the joystick right next to your hand has really made things easier and more efficient. 

“It has done everything we’ve asked. I really like it.”