Does your current tractor technology and performance match your working profile? Be it harvesting crops, loader work, ploughing, sowing or cultivating, every farmer must decide how to combine intended use with specific features for maximum operational efficiency. What if a manufacturer could deliver such efficiency, do so economically, and provide superior tech and comfort? Take a bow, Deutz-Fahr 6G Series.  

On the global stage, Deutz-Fahr took out the prestigious ‘Tractor Of The Year’ in the design category on three occasions over the last decade. The Agrotron 6G RC-Shift is specifically designed for Australian conditions and needs, offering a multitude of additional configuration options to suit all manner of applications. Head out first thing with a mower combo, move on with loader and transport work in the afternoon, followed by a day of heavy tillage. This the beauty of the 6G Series.  

These tractors derive serious grunt from a six-cylinder Deutz tier III, 6.1 litre common rail diesel engine. In great news for Australian farmers, the engine has no DPF fitted and does not require AdBlue, significantly lowering running and maintenance costs. It is coupled with the 50 km/h RC-Shift auto transmission, meaning distances can be covered quickly and at much lower revs, boosting fuel efficiency.  

Jeff and Ricarda Brindley are Deutz-Fahr owners from Lucyvale, Victoria. Their farm is about a half hour’s drive to the west of Corryong. Longstanding and active members of the community, they run a beef operation on 2000 acres. In addition to two other Deutz-Fahr models on their property, Jeff and Ricarda recently took delivery of a brand new 203 hp Agrotron 6G RC-Shift 6205.  

“We’ve had the 6205 for about a month and from here on we’ll start putting some serious hours on it,” says Jeff. “We bought it mainly for pulling, as it’s undulating land up here and we’ve got a 6-tonne spreader, so we’ll spread superphosphate and lime. It also needs to pull big sets of discs and 3.5 metre combines up hills. We were after the extra horsepower.  

“A friend of ours always uses another brand of tractor because he’s used to it, knows how they work, but he’s happy to go through 1000 litres of diesel to plough a paddock whereas we wouldn’t use a tank. They’re efficient and that’s what we’re chasing. It’s also very comfortable to operate; you just sit back and relax.”  

Indeed, being inside the MaxiVision deluxe cabin is peaceful, with major reductions in engine noise, vibrations and heat reduced as there is no connection between the cab and engine. Additionally, aside from the perfect all-round working view, up to 16 LED work lights and sophisticated climate control AC, the InfoCentrePro on the dash features a 5″ colour display providing constant data on the tractor’s operating conditions.   

The newly designed armrest brings intuition to the fore. All routine functions can be automated, while the ergonomic MaxCom joystick on the armrest controls everything from driving speed, direction and cruise control to the rear and front lift controls. The electronic hydraulic control enables the regulation of hydraulic pump speed for machinery from the comfort of the cabin.  

“We’ve had Deutz-Fahr tractors in the past,” says Ricarda, “and we were really impressed with the number of features they have, how safe they are to operate and the economy. The technology behind Deutz-Fahr is so far above what we’d been used to. I really like the colour-coding [in the cabin], everything is intuitive.”