“I went from Kioti owner to Kioti seller and I’m having a ball. I tell customers that’s how I got my job; I wouldn’t be selling them if I didn’t believe in the product.”

These are the words of Terry Wall who, after a career in real estate and Aboriginal housing and development, is now a member of the sales team at North Coast Construction Equipment – and a proud farmer.

Terry and his family are on 130 acres at Nana Glen, approximately 25 kilometres inland from Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. He had a lifelong wish to farm but came to it more recently after he and his wife raised their kids in town.

He has 26 head of cattle, all Red Polls.

“Now the kids are grown we had an opportunity to buy a property,” Terry said. “It was pretty run down so I’ve spent the last 18 months fixing it up. It was an old dairy farm and there was a huge weed infestation here when we took over.”

He originally bought a second hand tractor but it couldn’t cope with the amount of work that was needed.

“All my family are up on the Northern Tablelands and they said, ‘Just get the Kioti – you can’t go wrong’. And I thought, well, you can’t argue with that.”

Terry’s RX8030 was delivered 12 months ago and has 300 hours on it. Aside from mulching, he uses the 4-in-1 bucket for cleaning up, mostly old fences and rotted posts.

“I put a mulcher on the back and we’ve been mulching over it since then,” he said. “The little tractor we had couldn’t do it but the RX just cruises along; you wouldn’t know the mulcher was there.”

The Kioti RX Series tractors feature a new streamlined hood, greatly aiding operator visibility. Maintenance is also easier, with the hood opening to a 90 degree angle.

It gets even better, with bigger tyres, a higher road speed, 50 per cent more lift capacity, increased fuel capacity and improved hydraulic flow.

Then there’s the common rail engine, power outputs ranging from 60 hp to 80 hp and cabin or ROPS models to choose from.

“It’s just so easy to use,” said Terry.

The rep who dropped it off from North Coast Construction Equipment told Terry that his boss was looking for a new salesperson – and the rest is history.