From the tow behind GT3, to the GL8.6 twin bin with EASYclean and high capacity GX9.6 designed for large canopy, Gregoire harvesters are known the world over.

More than 300 Gregoire harvesters are sold annually across the globe, thanks to high-tech designs, operator comfort, functionality and reliability.

Locally, Gregoire has been supported for many years by PFG Australia, with parts, service and retail outlets stretching from east to west.

“Choosing a dealer to represent Gregoire is a careful and strategic process,” said Jason Seabrook, Gregoire’s product manager. “Naturally, we want to maximise geographical coverage in terms of service and support, but we only want to deal with people we have confidence in.

“Our dealer personnel are specialists in the field of viticulture machinery. They work closely with vignerons, to service far more than just grape harvesters.

“We’re always looking to expand our coverage, too. There are so many years of industry experience amongst our dealer network, as well as some newer dealers who are keen to make a long-term impact.”

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