Anthony Morey runs a dairy farm near Moyhu in Victoria’s picturesque and fertile King Valley. Anthony is also a contract seeder, using Aitchison’s durable Seedmatic 4124CT across the region. He sows rye grass and clover on his farm and mostly rye elsewhere.

“The Aitchison’s very easy to use and get through gateways and requires little maintenance,” Anthony says. “It’s a well-priced machine, does a very good job and transporting it on road is no fuss.”

Aitchison remains the “go to” seeder for Australian farmers and contractors. Their seed drills are leaders in seed delivery, contour following ability and ease of calibration, enabling the perfect environment for germination. 

The Seedmatic range come in three sowing widths, 2.5m, 3.0m and up to 3.5m, and feature 5” row spacings, ideal to seed in cultivated ground or bulk up existing pasture.

“The seeder will start at our place on February 15 and go through to the end of March,” says Anthony. “After that, we’ll be contracting for the next two months. Calibration is done manually and is straightforward.

“It’s hydraulically lifted, so you put the transport wheels down and they lift the drill out of the ground. Anyone can use this machine and do a great job with it.”

The Seedmatic series features a 14″ disc coulter kit up front, reinforced axles and pivots and a seed box / fertiliser box capacity from 450 litres to 630 litres. Aitchison’s unique sponge seed distribution system allows the user to gently meter all types and size of seed.  

The disc coulter undercarriage is standard on all Seedmatic machines, cutting through residual plant matter ahead of the famous tungsten tipped inverted “T” boot.

“The ‘T’ boot gets us through two, maybe two and a half seasons and we’re doing 1000 to 1200 hours per season,” says Anthony. “Our place is irrigated – we irrigate and sow every year – but contract work is tougher, with a lot of direct drilling.”

Anthony finances his farm gear through PFG Credit. He loves the simplicity and ability to keep working without delays in paperwork.

Everything is bought through Brendan Breen at McGregor Machinery in Wangaratta. There’s also a family connection; Anthony’s son works there as a mechanic.

“Breeny is responsive, we have a great business relationship and the back-up service is tremendous,” says Anthony. “He’s a pleasure to deal with and could not be any more helpful.”

Need to boost your seeding application? Look no further than Aitchison, the innovators in environmentally sustainable, zero tillage seeding and soil management equipment.

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