Louise and Dennis Smith live just outside Wingham on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Roaming across their acreage are a cow named Mama, her calf MamaLou, four poddy calves, Smithers, Waylon, Loulabelle and Rustle, two dogs and a cat.

Dennis is an optometrist and Louise does all of the bookkeeping for the business.

“That’s our day job,” said Louise. “Then we come home and our lifestyle is our property. We bought it about 15 years ago, fenced it, put a house on it and raised our kids here.”

The Smiths have an old tractor which isn’t always reliable and they found themselves constantly asking neighbours for favours. They decided a new tractor was needed and headed to Sheather’s Machinery for advice.

“It was a toss-up between a caravan and a tractor,” said Louise, “and we decided on the tractor because it would be much more useful on our property! My parents have lived in the area all of their lives and they’ve always bought through Sheather’s and it’s the same for my brother.

“We went down to see Eddie and asked what he had. Our old tractor is 35 horsepower and we needed something bigger, and my brother’s one is 85 horsepower and that’s too big for us, so we went for one right in the middle – the EX5810.

Kioti’s EX Series offers two engine configurations – 53hp and turbo-aspirated 58 hp – and 12 x 12 synchro shuttle transmission, 3-point linkage, standard loader with 4-in-1 bucket, deluxe suspension seat and standard three-speed auto PTO.

These are ROPS tractors with unbeatable features for this class, backed by Kioti’s famous hard-to-beat warranty.

“Primarily, we bought the Kioti for slashing and landscaping,” said Louise. “We have put the 4-in-1 bucket to work and come spring we’ll slash the paddocks in sections.”

Whether you’re on five hectares or 35, the EX Series offers power, versatility and durability.

Perfect for your lifestyle.

For more details about Kioti please call 1800 186 866 or learn more about the EX Series