Take a bow, Pantera.

Heavy-duty, brilliantly engineered and ideal for Australian farms, these rotary cultivators are simply peerless for performance and durability.

Designed for cropping, vegetable growers, cane fields and other agricultural work, the Pantera professional folding steerage hoe is available in three different versions and made for tractors with power outputs ranging from 200 hp to 380 hp.

The rigidity of the structure and the premium quality of the materials used guarantee long-lasting reliability and production, combined with all-important easy and safe road transport.

“The Pantera is the best hoe in its class – it really is outstanding,” says PFG’s cultivation expert Craig Climo. “I’m referring to the ease of maintenance, less downtime, high horsepower gearboxes and its performance in the field. Plus, we can spec them up to a customer’s needs and preferences.

“The other big advantage of the Pantera is its portability. For farmers and contractors travelling between properties there’s an increasing need for transportable implements and this has resulted in greater demand for folding machines. The Pantera ticks all of these boxes.”

Flagship model

To withstand power upwards of 400 hp and widths in excess of 6 metres, the Pantera model has a double sheet frame structure, 5+5 mm, with double reinforced frame, equipped with four powerful hydraulic adjusters for lifting the wings with their heavy-duty type connection hinges.

Gearbox oil cooling system

The Pantera comes standard with a continuous gearbox oil cooling system, ensuring maximum reliability even when working long shifts. A shaped ductile steel cover improves oil circulation, keeping the gears lubricated for longevity.

Levelling bonnet

Supplied as standard, complete with a sprung mechanical rod that puts downward pressure on the bonnet and acts as a shock absorber to protect it from damage.

Long-life bearings

Maschio’s rotary tillers are equipped with bearings consisting of a double series of spheres for great resistance to impacts and heavy workloads. Advantages include long life (up to 30% longer life than traditional bearings), high strength and load capacity, as well as reduced maintenance.

Linkage mounting

Three point swinging hitches allow the machine to follow contours on undulating ground. Universal Cat. III hitch comes with pin locks, allowing the machine to be locked to a tractor’s three-point linkage.

Optional: Cat. III quick hitch kit allows for the hoe to connect directly to tractors installed with quick hitch systems.

Waterproof seals

The waterproof mechanical seals consist of two metal rings opposite each other and separated by a thin film of oil. This ensures total isolation of the rotor bearings from mud, water and dust. Duo cone seals keep the oil where it should be and contaminants out.

Hydraulic folding

Hydraulic rams are used to fold for road transportation. The folding system also incorporates an automatic transport lock, so there is no need for the operator to leave the cab to unfold.

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