Spreading is all about precision and getting the best yield from your crop. The more precise the application, the better efficiency and income optimisation.

Sounds simple, right? But with weather, environment and field variables, skills, experience and smart farming systems are a must.

Enter Vicon.

Their spreading solutions help farmers work in an easier and more profitable way. Innovative processes support a better harvest and increased crop yield, and Vicon is a master of GPS controlled intelligent machine solutions.

Vicon RotaFlow series
The Vicon RotaFlow disc spreaders are renowned for their ease of operation and outstanding precision in all conditions.

In Australia, farmers have the option of traditional, cost-effective pendulum spreaders, the ever-popular and reliable twin disc spreaders, or the state of the art, premium GEOSPREAD spreader.

Let’s take a closer look at the advanced option, the RO-EDW GEOSPREAD, a weighing spreader with integrated section control.

Its weighing system continuously checks and controls the desired application rate, regardless of forward speed or fertiliser flow characteristics.

Two actuators on each dosing unit
One controls the setting of the discharge point and the other controls the application rate. Operators can electronically adjust the setting individually for both discs from the tractor cab, meaning working width can be modified speedily and accurately via an ISOBUS terminal.

The machine utilises the unique ‘RotaFlow’ system, where fertiliser is gently brought up to speed in the dosing cup before being released on the disc, as opposed to falling on the disc.

This means no impact and no fragmentation; the spreading pattern is not affected by damaged fertiliser. There are also eight vanes per disc instead of two, meaning that fertiliser is released at a high frequency.

Constant flow and evenness in the spreading pattern are important when driving higher speeds and spreading larger quantities.

Vicon’s GEOSPREAD-RotaFlow spreading system positioning system.

GPS controlled spreading
With GPS controlled spreading the GEOSPREAD has two sections and automatic start / stop on headlands, plus it can be set to do variable rate spreading according to application maps.

By way of example, the machine’s technology allows the spreader to accurately switch off section by section, from one side to the other, until it gets to the last outer section in a wedged headland. It has a hopper volume range from 1500 – 3900 litres and a maximum spreading width of 54 metres.

The tech allows farmers to verify the actual application rates, taking the guesswork out of the process. Plus, the Vicon app gives peace of mind when it comes to setting up the machine.

For more details about Vicon, please call 1800 888 359 or visit vicon-machinery.com.au