For Peter Musson and his family-run farm at Macarthur in Victoria’s west, the timing of two new significant purchases – a Jaylor 51250 feed mixer and a Deutz-Fahr 8 Series Warrior – could have been cause for trepidation.

Turns out, the tractor and machinery combo was a masterstroke.

“With the wet spring we had last year it was amazing what we put the Warrior through,” said Peter. “They were not ideal conditions and it got a good workout.

“We got it last September and had 500 hours on it by Christmas. I sat in it a lot more than I intended to, so that probably suggests how comfortable it is. It really is a step up, with enough electronics but not too complicated, with plenty of safety features.”

Peter bought the 8280 TTV Warrior to combine with the Jaylor.

“It came with a lot of extras compared with some other models that we looked at,” he said. “It has the front linkage and the GPS in there for a similar price and more horsepower.”

Originally from the UK, Peter began farming in Australia almost 30 years ago. His operation milks approximately 800 cows, raises calves and beef cattle on top of that. While he does summer cropping, it is essentially a dairy beef business.

Naturally, his herd needs feed.

As Peter tells it, the previous feed mixer was maxing out his old tractor with about eight tonnes of silage. If there was anything over and above that weight, the mixer struggled to restart. It was time for an upgrade on both counts.

“Looking at the different mixers available,” Peter said, “the Jaylor seemed to be a lower horsepower requirement and had capacity to hold more.

“With this one we’re easily fitting 14 tonnes of silage, plus black grain and other grains as well. It has more capacity, plus discharge of the material is a lot quicker than the mixer we replaced.”

The feed out process involves troughs and separate feed pans for the cows; one section is a central feed passage and the other is for troughs. With the Jaylor, the operator can raise or lower the quantity or adjust the angle of discharge.

“The mix seems consistent,” said Peter. “It’s processing the mix quickly and the discharge speed is very fast. It’s surprising how much saving in time it brings when you consider the extra capacity.

“It doesn’t push the tractor and the balance is right. It doesn’t push too much on the drawbar and we’re probably putting 16 tonnes into it.”

The Warrior is the third Deutz-Fahr tractor that Peter has owned and operated. His thinking this time around was to use it not only to tow the Jaylor feed mixer but perform other tasks when time allowed.
He put a set of speed discs on the back and a seed box for seeding summer crops, as well as using it for mowing for hay.

“It’s well weighted but it’s also the footprint,” said Peter. “There’s plenty of power in it and the road speed is handy because we’re spread out with ten kilometres between properties. The extra horsepower that the Deutz has makes it a totally different machine to what we had.”

The 8 Series Warrior comes with its own precision ag system – the Trimble-powered GFX750 supplied with NAV-900. It simplifies operations even for users with limited driving experience.

“We used the Trimble for the speed discs and for sewing,” said Peter. “That seemed very simple because everything’s integrated in the tractor rather than add-ons and extra bits and pieces. Once we got used to it the hardest thing we found was actually just keeping your hands off the wheel!”

Peter bought his new farm assets through Swayne & McCabe in Warrnambool.

“We’ve done most of our business with Swayne & McCabe,” he said. “I sometimes go and check other things, but they’ve given us very good service through the years, they listen to what our needs are, give us an option and good explanations behind what machines they are quoting for.”

These are telling investments. For someone of Peter’s experience, it is vital that the buying decisions are returned through efficiency, ease of operation, low maintenance and performance in the field.

To this end, coming up to a year since he matched the Warrior with the Jaylor, he believes the output has exceeded his expectations. Add to that, he has never previously owned a black tractor.

“It looks impressive,” Peter said. “We had a field day recently and there’s a chap I know who does a lot of fencing and contracting and he saw a Warrior and said, ‘Oh, I like the look of that one.’”

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