We at Australian Farm Machinery have seen or heard about most tractor applications.

From unique methods of spraying or different feedout techniques, Aussie inventiveness leads to all manner of farming and contracting uses.

Then we heard about road resurfacing.

Craig McKeon is an earthmoving contractor based in Hillston, New South Wales, and he uses his gleaming black Deutz-Fahr 6215 RC-Shift Warrior for road construction, gravel and levelling work.

On the back of his Warrior, Craig pulls double or triple rollers, safely in position with a custom-made hitch, that came off a 3-point linkage manufactured by JJ Farm Equipment in Griffith.

“We grade and form up old roads out in the bush, pulling up dirt roads,” said Craig. “Sometimes we get gravel carted in and that’s when we have the tractor to tow the rollers. We have to pack the gravel down, so the rollers are used to compact it.”

Ordinarily, the rollers would be far too heavy for any tractor’s drawbar. But with the bespoke hitch attached, Craig can roll away in the comfort of his Deutz-Fahr tractor.

“I needed a pulling tractor and the Warrior’s price was very good,” said Craig. “The hitch means we tow up to four rollers – we have them in tandem. The front one weighs about 8 ½ tonnes and the back ones about 5 ½.

“We’ve put 750 hours on it so far and the horsepower is spot on. We’ve got a loader bucket on it, which is handy for branches or shovelling dirt away from a causeway or filling holes with gravel.”

The logistics of moving his tractor and rollers means Craig and his roadwork team must do some serious planning before any job.

“If the job is close to town I’ll drive the Warrior and a roller to the site,” said Craig, “but we’ve been out to places near Broken Hill, so I use a float to transport the tractor and one roller at a time.

“The Warrior is like a three-in-one machine. The cab is also heaps better, with cab suspension, less noise and better vision.”

Deutz-Fahr 6215 RC-Shift Warrior features:
-3 year / 2,500 hour warranty
-3 year / 2,500 hour capped price service solution
-Trimble-powered hydraulic steer GPS
-Front linkage & PTO available
-Double glazed glass technology with automatic air-con

For more information about Deutz-Fahr please call 1800 789 633 or visit deutz-fahr.com.au