The Kverneland 2800 M rear mounted range boasts an extensive 3.16m – 4.00m working width with corresponding weights of only 870kg -1045kg. This means the machines can be operated with tractors starting from only 40hp, making them attractive machines for farmers with smaller tractors, who still need to cut substantial areas.

Paired with the Kverneland 2828 F or 2832 F front mounted mowers, the joint working width is up to an amazing 6.80m.

  • Extensive 3.16m - 4.00m working width
  • Weights of only 870kg -1045kg
  • Can be operated with tractors starting from only 40hp


2832 M

Working Width - 3.16m

No of Discs - 8

Weight - 870kg

Power Requirements - 37/50 kW/hp

2836 M

Working Width - 3.57m

No of Discs - 9

Weight - 915kg

Power Requirements - 44/60 kW/hp

2840 M

Working Width - 3.92m

No of Discs - 10

Weight - 1045kg

Power Requirements - 51/70 kW/hp