5125G HD

The All Rounder from Deutz-Fahr 

For efficient work with tractors, driving and operating comfort is as important as versatility.
Whether it’s feed cultivation, livestock, viticulture, horticulture or municipal uses, the range of applications is getting bigger while working days are getting lon­ger.

When a tractor is 100% compatible with the task profile of the farming enterprise, it is possible to work with economic success.
Deutz-Fahr has developed the 5125G Heavy Duty Series for this purpose, underpinned by a 126 max horsepower Deutz-Fahr FARMotion common rail engine.

This model is distinguished by its versatility, technology and superior level of comfort. The deluxe air-conditioned cab is mounted on “Hydro Silent-Block” suspension, reducing noise and vibration by upwards of 40% on previous versions.

A new heavy duty front axle equipped with internal wet disc brakes provides higher load ratings, driving comfort and safety, particularly when using a front end loader. Combined with the wet clutch heavy duty semi-powershift transmission, operators are assured of smooth shuttle movements and the right speed.

Hydraulic flow is becoming a higher requirement with many implements today and fitted to the Deutz-Fahr 5125G HD tractor is the “ON DEMAND” 90 L/min hydraulic system. This system is standard with three sets of rear remotes with flow control/detent and float functionality.

The Deutz-Fahr 5125G HD – the perfect all-rounder.

  • FARMotion common rail engine
  • 126HP
  • Hydro Silent Block Cab Suspension
  • 90l/min On Demand Hydraulics
  • STOLL Loader 38-20


Familiarise yourself with the 5125G HD with this walk around video.



FARMotion Common Rail Engine

The heart of the 5125G HD tractor is the powerful Tier 4i turbo intercooled 3820cc 4cyl common rail diesel engine, developing 126 maximum HP and 550Nm torque. The engine utilises a turbo charger, intercooler and electronic control to develop its fantastic torque characteristics.


Easy access to radiators and air filters makes routine maintenance a breeze, likewise the single, multi-purpose belt with automatic tensioner (which requires no manual adjustment).

Engine Speed Programming

The engine speed programming feature allow the operator to set and retrieve two engine rpms, which improves fuel efficiency compared to a mechanical throttle engine.

Hydro Silent Block Cab Suspension

As comfortable as a car when you start the engine, you feel pure power and nothing else. Noise and vibrations remain outside. The 5125 cab is mounted on the latest design of “Hydro Silent-Block” suspension that absorbs up to 40% more jolts and vibrations than the previous versions, giving the operator a smooth ride over the paddock.

SDD Rapid Steering Valve

SDD means steering double displacement. When engaged, steering revolutions from lock to lock are 2.2 turns compared to 4.5 when disengaged. This is a very handy feature for loader work!

Sense Clutch Powershuttle

A heavy duty wet clutch Powershuttle with a 5-speed modulation control guarantees the operator smooth directional changes when shuttling between forward and reverse. To facilitate quick, repetitive operations, the shuttle lever is located in an ergonomic position to the left of the steering wheel.

Stop & Go

Stop & Go allows the operator to stop and restart the tractor without having to use the clutch pedal. The tractor’s electronic management system allows the brake pedal to in effect become an inching pedal with speed control, a particular feature that makes the 5 series an unbelievably user-friendly front-end loader tractor.

60/60 - 40km Eco Gearbox

Easy to use semi-powershift transmission fitted with a speed matching 3 speed powershift, providing plenty of gear options from 230 m/hr to 40km/h at a reduced engine rpm. The wide variety of options allows almost unlimited variations, capable of fulfilling all your work speed requirements.

4 Speed PTO

The PTO on the 5G Series has standard speeds (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO) with electronic hydraulic engagement. An optional front PTO which operates at the standard 1000 rpm can be fitted with the front hitch.


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