5105.4G HD

The Universal Choice

Since the introduction of the 5G series in 2016 this model has become a popular choice for a wide range of farmers involved with livestock, vineyard or horticulture.

In 2020 the Heavy Duty series, commonly known as HD, was launched.

This series increases load capacities to front and rear axles and also brings a new range of adjustable waffle wheels.

This model is the universal choice for farmers – ticking the boxes for what you need and want in a tractor.

  • FARMotion Common Rail Engine
  • No AdBlue or DPF
  • Sense Clutch Powershuttle
  • Deluxe Cabin
  • Hi Visibility Glass Roof
  • Agrolift Loader


FARMotion Common Rail Engine

The FARMotion engine is a state of the art common rail engine designed and built by Deutz- Fahr. It meets all emission standards without the use of AdBlue and DPF technologies, resulting in lower operating costs. Other technologies such as engine speed programming, automatic hydraulic valve adjustment, new cylinder head ports and a high-pressure common rail make this engine very economical to maintain and run.

“Sense Clutch” Powershuttle

The 5G HD Series is fitted with a wet clutch Powershuttle which enables directional changes without the use of the clutch pedal. The sense clutch is the modulation control set by the operator on the shuttle lever, depending upon how responsive you want the shuttle. There are five factory settings to tailor shuttle movements to suit each and every job.

40 / 40 Gears

This tractor so universal because of its gearbox and the wide selection of speeds available. Fitted with 40 forward and reverse gears, speeds range from 230 mts/hr right through to 40 km/h. The gearbox consists of 5 synchronised gears fitted with a comfort clutch button, in combination with a 2 speed powershift and 4 ranges.

Stop & Go

Stop and Go is a feature that has been used by Deutz-Fahr since 2004. It is simple and effective; when the system is activated the operator can engage the brake pedal like you do an automatic car and the tractor will come to a stop. Release the brake and away you go. This is a great feature, especially if using a forklift or front end loader or operating in confined spaces.

Deluxe Cabin

The D2L Cabin of the 5105.4G HD tractor is designed for the driver with an easy to access work area, great visibility and logical control layout. The cabin uses the Deutz-Fahr colour logic system to identify all controls. Air seat and Bluetooth MP3 radio are standard and a trainee seat is optional.

High Visibility Glass Roof

When using a loader or forklift it’s important to clear views around you and above. Fitted to the 5105.4G HD is a glass roof panel as standard, not only helping you with visibility but also minimising the likelihood of a kinked neck. When the roof hatch is not in use a simple but effective blind can be pulled over to block out the sun.

Electronic Linkage

The three point linkage system is electronic, easy to use and the operator can set up the linkage as desired. There is a position dial, along with draft, drop speed and upper limit settings. Once set in place, a rocker switch can be pressed to raise and lower for headland work. The electronic linkage system also comes with raise and lower buttons on the rear fenders.

High Capacity Hydraulics

The 5105.4G HD series is fitted with a high capacity dual gear hydraulic pump. The two pumps have two functions. The first pump is a dedicated 44 L/min steering pump which guarantees power steering is continuously available with high loads on the front axle, while the second is a dedicated 56 L/min hydraulic pump dedicating its flow to the rear linkage and auxiliary remotes. Three sets (6 outlets) of rear remotes are standard along with a return line.

Front End Loader Prepared

The team at Deutz-Fahr prepared this tractor to have a front end loader fitted. Details inside the cabin were introduced to this end, such as the location of the loader handle and the Hi Visibility roof, along with the sculptured sloping bonnet, which again enhances vison. The loader fitted to this tractor is an Agrolift 3640 and standard features are level lift, joystick control, Euro hitch, soft ride boom suspension and third function.


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