Agrofarm G 115GS

The deluxe ROPS Tractor 

The Agrofarm G ROPS Series is designed to be a deluxe ROPS tractor with multi-purpose functionality. It is ideal for front end loader work with a dedicated Powershuttle gearbox.

The comfortable workspace stands out with its cabin-like feel, likewise the flat, step through platform and genuine all-weather canopy .

A high capacity hydraulic pump provides sufficient flow for all operations, including front end loader work plus standard features that make a real difference, such as 4 wheel independent disc brakes, front and rear diff lock, creep gear and an exceptional turning circle.

The Agrofarm G ROPS Series is the best all-rounder.

  • SDF 1000 series 4 cylinder engine
  • 110 hp
  • Wet clutch powershuttle
  • Front & rear diff lock
  • 2 speed PTO
  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
  • ISO mounted platform
  • Agrolift Loader


Turbocharged Engine

The engine powering the Agrofarm G ROPS tractor is a Deutz-Fahr SDF 1000 Series 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. Delivering 96 hp and impressive torque of 342Nm, the Agrofarm G ROPS tractor has plenty of grunt to get the job done every time. High pressure direct injection is fitted as standard, ensuring the right amount of fuel is getting delivered to each cylinder.

Wet Clutch Powershuttle

The Agrofarm G ROPS is fitted with a dedicated multi wet clutch forward / reverse shuttle. This ensures smooth directional changes by moving the shuttle lever located on the left hand side of the steering column. The Powershuttle unit uses six drive plates; these are oil immersed to provide maximum durability.

Wide Range of Gear Choices

The Agrofarm G ROPS gearbox provides operators with great flexibility when it comes to selecting the right speed for the conditions and task at hand. Fitted with a 40/40 transmission, you can operate the tractor at speeds between 400 m/h up to 40 km/h. The gearbox is made up of 5 synchronised gears fitted with a comfort clutch, 2 speed powershift and 4 ranges.

ISO Mounted Platform

The operating area is mounted on a dedicated ISO suspended platform, just like a cabin tractor. This gives increased comfort and also ensures nothing enters the driver’s area (such as debris from slashers) as the front and the rear are protected. Fitted with a two pillar ROPS frame, sun canopy and side mounted exhaust, it has the feel of a cabin tractor in a ROPS format.

4 Wheel Disc Brakes

Most tractors are designed with either rear wheel braking or 4 wheel braking. The Deutz-Fahr is different, as all four wheels are braked independently with multiple wet clutch discs. This system gives superb stopping power and allows the tractor to come to a complete stop by pressing the brake pedal all the way to the floor. Having this feature as standard makes the Agrofarm G ROPS very safe, especially in hilly terrain.

Front and Rear Diff Lock

An electro-hydraulic push button diff lock is fitted to this model. When the button is engaged it not only locks the rear diff but also the front diff, thereby avoiding the tractor performing as a 3 wheel drive tractor if it just had a limited slip diff fitted. The feature puts more power and traction to the ground.

4 Speed PTO

A 4 speed PTO sounds excessive but when explained it makes perfect sense. The 4 speed PTO is made up of 540/ 540 economy/ 1000 and 1000 economy speed gears. The economy range enables the use of PTO driven implements at lower engine revs, thereby reducing noise and lowering fuel consumption.

High Capacity Hydraulics

The Agrofarm G series is fitted with a dual gear pump which performs two functions. The first pump is a dedicated 44 L/min steering pump which guarantees power steering is continuously available with high loads on the front axle. The second is a dedicated 56 L/min hydraulic pump directing its flow to the rear linkage and auxiliary remotes.

Front End Loader

The majority of tractors in this horsepower range are fitted with a front end loader. This particular loader was designed specifically to fit the Agrofarm G Series, with a focus on size, strength and manoeuvrability in mind. Everything is standard, such as level lift, joystick control, Euro quick hitch, soft ride, third function and a 2.1mt GP bucket. Other options, such as a hayfork, are entirely up to you.


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