Agroplus 80.4 F Keyline

Modern design, sturdy construction

Embodying the experience of Deutz in the specialist tractor sector, the Agroplus Keyline offers extraordinary scope for configuration to cater for every specific need.

Boasting a modern design, simplicity, affordable pricing and sturdy construction, the Agroplus Keyline is a tireless worker with impressive manoeuvrability.

The Agroplus F Keyline Series is the essence of simplicity, with a single piece cowl, SDF 1000 series engines, a low driver seat, short wheelbase and outstanding agility.

These are fuss-free,  practical and functional tractors, capable of working with any implement.

Ideal for orchard and vineyard work, these tractors strike the perfect balance between superior performance and low running costs.

  • 75 hp 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled engine
  • Fold down ROPS frame
  • Specialist dimensions
  • 2 speed PTO (540/540E)
  • 4 Wheel Wet Disc Brakes
  • Synchro shuttle


Join Anthony as he introduces you to the Deutz-Fahr Agroplus 80.4F Keyline.


Specialist Dimensions

The Agroplus F 80.4 is built for particular work. With specialist dimensions, and designed for orchard, vineyard and greenhouses, this tractor has a narrow overall width of just over 1.5m and a low height to work in tight spaces that a normal sized tractor cannot.

Turbocharged Intercooled Engine

The engine fitted to the Agroplus F 80.4 Keyline is a 4 cylinder, 4 litre turbocharged intercooled diesel which develops 75 hp. In tandem with the individual Bosch injector pumps, this engine guarantees optimum power and performance when working at all times.

Fold Down ROPS Frame

On standard tractors the ROPS frame is often fixed or mounted on the rear. When in treed areas or trying to manoeuvre in tight spaces, this safety frame often gets in the way, whereas the purpose built mid-mounted ROPS frame folds forward easily. This, in turn, lowers the tractor’s overall height, allowing work to continue when manoeuvrability is difficult.

Direct Drive PTO

For specialist applications a lot of PTO work is undertaken, and PTO power is important. The direct drive system allows minimal power loss from engine to PTO shaft due to one gear step. Equipped as standard, and with an economy gear, operators can run implements at a lowered engine speed resulting in less noise and better fuel efficiency.

4 Wheel Wet Disc Brakes

All four wheels are equipped with an internal wet disc brake. These brakes are hydraulically operated, meaning there’s minimal foot effort required when braking. This system makes the tractor very safe and stable when working in hilly terrain.

Comfortable Operating Area

Designed to be compact in size, the Agroplus still retains a comfortable work station. All gear levers and controls are positioned to the driver’s side, allowing no obstructions within the platform. Other standard features include a moulded rubber mat, and sound and mud deflectors.

High Capacity Hydraulics

A massive 3,050kg max. lift capacity increases the capability of what work can be performed with this tractor. The three point linkage lift is powered by a separate 42 L/min hydraulic pump. The gear driven pump also supplies oil flow to the rear auxiliary remotes where two sets (4 outlets) are standard fitment.

Synchro Shuttle

The Agroplus F 80.4 Keyline is fitted standard with a synchro shuttle transmission. The conveniently placed lever on the left hand side allow quick and easy directional changes. Imagine operating a forklift or doing a tight three point turn in a tight headland? That’s the manoeuvrability of the Agroplus.


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