Agroplus 420 Profiline

Specialist Series

The Agroplus Profiline 420 is the complete package.

Reliable, competitively priced and economical to run, it is ideal as the main tractor in a small to medium farm, or as a specialised unit for vineyard or horticultural operations.

Its short wheelbase, impressive steering angle (55 degrees for 4WD versions) and minimum overall width of 1.65 metres make it the ideal choice for working in confined, maze-like spaces.

The Agroplus Profiline 420 also boasts an extraordinary weight/power ratio with a flat platform, making it one of the best choices available for specialised applications.

  • Specialised vineyard/horticulture unit
  • Short wheelbase
  • Ideal for confined spaces
  • Wet clutch powershuttle
  • 45/45 gears with 3 speed powershift
  • Comfortable flat floor cabin


Cruise Control Engine

The driver can program and set engine speeds to suit the operation with the press of a button and, when the system is enabled, the engine controller will automatically maintain the fuel delivery to the engine. Under the hood is a 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled diesel engine with the OVERPOWER system to give extra hp and torque for PTO and transport operations.

Compact Dimensions

The Agroplus 420 Profiline is designed to have the manoeuvrability of a straddle type tractor but fitted with a comfortable flat floor cabin, purposely designed to fit this tractor as it sits lower than a traditional tractor cab. An overall width of 1.65 metres is achievable with 340/85R28 rear wheels, enabling access to the tightest of rows without impacting the driver’s comfort.

Sense Clutch Powershuttle

The Agroplus 420 Profiline is fitted with a wet clutch Powershuttle which enables directional changes without the use of the clutch pedal. The sense clutch is the modulation control set by the operator on the shuttle lever, depending upon how responsive you want the shuttle. There are five factory settings to tailor shuttle movements to suit each and every job.

45/45 Gears with 3 Speed Powershift

Why so many gears? Quite simply, for specialist work, operators need the right gear for changing tasks and conditions. The 45 gears comprise 5 movements of the gearshift, 3 powershift speeds and 3 ranges. Speed range from 240 m/hr right up to 40 km/h at a reduced rpm. With this tractor you will find precise modulation of gear speeds in all work ranges.

Stop & Go

Stop&Go is a feature that has been used by Deutz-Fahr since 2004. It is simple and effective; when the system is activated the operator can engage the brake pedal like you do an automatic car and the tractor will come to a stop. Release the brake and away you go. This is a great feature, especially if using a forklift or loader or operating in confined spaces.

3 Rear Remotes with Flow Control

Hydraulics are increasingly becoming more important with specialist work. Equipped with three sets of rear remotes (6 outlets) and flow control on one, the Agroplus 420 Profiline has plenty of flexibility when hooking up hydraulically controlled implements. The remote set up has three different functions with spring / detent and float. A return line is also equipped as standard.

Tight Turning Circle

As part of the specialist range one of the prerequisites is the ability to turn tightly at the end of a row. With a sculptured front end and a 55 degree steering angle, this tractor can turn very sharply. Wet disc brakes are incorporated within the front axle, providing 4 wheel independent braking to enhance safety.

Flat Platform Deluxe Cabin

Finding a tractor of this physical size with a true flat floor is a tough ask, but with the Agroplus 420 Profiline it is achievable. The cabin has a powerful heating, ventilation and cooling system and also fitted as standard is the high-visibility glass roof, significantly increasing field of vision. All controls are logically laid out and use the Deutz-Fahr colour logic system for ease of identification.

Electronic Linkage

The three point linkage system is electronic, easy to use and allows the operator to set up the linkage as desired. There is a position dial, along with draft, drop speed and upper limit settings. Once set, a rocker switch can be pressed to raise and lower for headland work. The electronic linkage system also comes with raise and lower buttons on the rear fenders.


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