6165 – 6215 Warrior RCSHIFT

The Auto Shifting Tractor 

The agricultural industry is highly diverse. Each enterprise has its own success strategy. Some go for size, others for specialisation. In milk production, in livestock, or in arable farming.

Others adopt a mixed approach in accordance with soil and climate conditions, as well as market opportunities. Whether it’s a large, medium or small enterprise, a contractor or a local authority, however diverse the profile, they all have one thing in common: they need to be successful.

Accordingly, tractor technology needs to match an operator’s working profile. Ploughing, sowing, cultivating, transporting, harvesting crops, front loader work; each individual professional will decide how the tractor will be utilised, along with which specific features are required. DEUTZ-FAHR developed the new 6 Series to meet all of these requirements.

Ranging from 171 to 226 hp, six-cylinder engines, ZF RCShift auto transmissions and comfortable MaxiVision cabins, the 6 Series assembles the best technology mix in this tractor class.


  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Warranty
  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Capped Price Service Solution
  • Trimble Powered Hydraulic Steer GPS
  • Front Linkage & PTO Available
  • Double Glazed Glass Technology with Automatic Air-Conditioning
  • MaxiVision II Deluxe Cabin


Take a closer look at the 6165 RCShift Warrior with our Deutz-Fahr Product Manager Anthony Darveniza.


MaxCom Armrest Control

The newly designed armrest makes the 6 Series Warrior even more relaxing and intuitive to operate. All routine functions can be automated. The refined, highly ergonomic MaxCom joystick on the armrest controls everything from driving speed, direction of travel and cruise control selection, to the Comfortip system, and rear and front lift controls. This is an intuitive system that requires no change of hand position and no more than a moment’s thought to operate.

MaxiVision 2 Deluxe Cabin

When it comes to ease of use and ergonomics, the new 6 Series Warrior MaxiVision 2 Cabin caters for the operator by making best use of the current technology available. The InfoCentrePro on the dashboard features a 5" colour display, providing the driver with a stream of data about the tractor’s operating conditions. It offers maximum convenience in terms of settings and information. The interior provides a peaceful working environment, with all engine noise, vibrations and heat reduced to a minimum, as there is no connection between the cab and engine.

Front Linkage and PTO Options

At this horsepower segment the simultaneous deployment of front and rear implements is common. The team at Deutz Fahr has an outstanding track record with front linkage and PTO, with the first inceptions designed and manufactured in the mid-1970s, namely the famous INTRAC series. The front linkage and PTO systems fitted on the 6 Series Warrior are integrated into the front casting of the tractor, resulting in better weight distribution when mounting a front implement. The front linkage units use a separate remote valve for raising and lowering and PTO is engaged with a button inside the cabin. For more efficient farming practices, this is the right way to go.

Sense Clutch Powershuttle

A large master drive clutch is located between the powershift and range sections. All drive must pass through this clutch, which protects the transmission driveline from sudden changes in speed or loading. The actuation is carried out electronically via the clutch pedal, or comfort clutch button, and is automatically modulated to allow a progressive take-up of drive. This system also features the “Sense Clutch” system where the user can modulate the shuttle movements with five available settings.

Closed Centre Hydraulics

All 6 Series Warrior RC-Shift tractors are fitted with closed centre hi-flow hydraulic pumps and electro hydraulic remote valves. These valves are regulated via a proportional joystick and switches on the armrest. Flow and timing settings can be controlled within the cabin, allowing easy adjustments to any implement the operator is connected to. With the electro hydraulic system fitted, there is an external fender control to work one remote. All Deutz-Fahr 6 Series Warrior tractors are equipped standard with Power-Beyond and load sense lines, thereby making the attachment of external implements easy.

50 km/h and Front Suspension

The RC-Shift transmission is designed for a maximum speed of 75km/h. Thanks to this feature, the 6 Series Warrior is capable of reaching 50 km/h at super eco engine rpm. All 50 km/h models are equipped with front axle and cabin suspension. Notably, the front axle suspension was redesigned from the previous series to allow more movement, resulting in better ride and traction results. When the front axle suspension is engaged there is I +/- 120mm of travel available at all times. Another standard feature is the anti-dive valve; when the brakes are applied, the front axle does not move.

RC-Shift Gearbox

The 6 Series Warrior is equipped with the 54/27 RC-Shift transmission, the new full robotised gearbox available for the 6165 and 6215 models. With the aid of an electro hydraulic valve block and an exclusive software module developed by Deutz-Fahr, it is possible to shift through all 30 speeds automatically. In addition, a semi-automatic shifting and a manual mode are available. The result is a fully robotised transmission, where the short shifting duration and the fully automatic management give the driver the feeling of a full powershift with the driving behaviour of a continuously variable transmission.

4 Valve Deutz Diesel Engine

The new generation six-cylinder 6 Series Warrior DEUTZ engines have been completely remodelled in terms of exhaust technology and cost-efficiency. Using four valve technology, the tractor’s engine responds better, provides greater torque reserves and starts with more torque in the lower engine speed range. Simultaneously, fuel consumption is reduced. The Deutz 6.1 litre 6 cylinder engine uses Deutz common rail technology (DCR), electronic waste gate turbocharger and many other technologies to give a peerless performance. All Deutz engines brought into Australia feature NO AdBlue and NO DPF technologies, resulting in a lower maintenance cost.


The all-new Warrior Series has arrived in Australia to rave reviews! Click below to find out more about the range.

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