7250 TTV Warrior

Cutting Edge Technology

Success is achieved by enterprises able to tackle every task throughout the season using the least resources and working efficiently with the time available. Equally, every penny counts when it comes to reducing production costs. DEUTZ-FAHR has developed the 7 TTV Warrior Series for such businesses.

The 7 TTV Agrotron delivers 246 hp and stands out for typical German characteristics: superior quality, high precision and reliability combined with cutting-edge technology in terms of both cost-effectiveness and comfort.

The TTV Agrotron represents the culmination of innovative and intelligent tractor technology manufactured at Deutz-Fahr’s facility in Lauingen, Germany, offering the exceptional comfort of the MaxiVision 2 cab, intuitive controls, a newly designed armrest, state-of-the-art precision farming systems, highly efficient engine and transmission technology, and innovative axles and brakes, all ensuring optimal driving comfort and maximum safety.

Furthermore, the hydraulic systems and lift capacity both front and rear, complement the overall 7 TTV Series specification, making this tractor the ideal partner for boosting the productivity of professional contractors and agricultural businesses – both in the field and on the road.

  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Warranty
  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Capped Price Service Solution
  • Trimble Powered Hydraulic Steer GPS
  • Front Linkage & PTO
  • Double Glazed Glass Technology with Automatic Air-Conditioning
  • MaxiVision II Deluxe Cabin


3 Driving Modes

The overall target of DEUTZ-FAHR is easy, efficient driveability. The TTV transmission can be mastered soon after getting behind the wheel. Three driving options are available: Manual, Auto and PTO. Manual is like driving a normal gearbox tractor; however, the smart modes are Auto and PTO. Auto is used in tillage application where the operator can set the desired speed and the engine revs will adjust automatically depending on load. PTO mode is used for any PTO work, the engine revs are always constant and vehicle speed can be adjusted by the operator. This transmission is simple to understand and easy to use.

Heavy Duty Rear Hitch

Designed for strength, stability and versatility, the 3-point hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 10,000 kg. The 7 Series TTV can carry the heaviest implements. The rear hydraulic system is standard with CAT 3 hook ends, automatic stabilisers, wheel slip control (RADAR) and external controls for raising and lowering. Inside the cabin the linkage can be set to the task at hand with easy-to-use controls.

MaxCom Armrest Control

Put simply, the new MaxCom2 armrest gives the driver the feeling of full control. It collects all important work data and offers the best tractor operation in the market. Compared to the previous series, the new option of the position controlled front lift is adding the potentiometer of lowering speed and maximum lifting height in the front. This makes the system fully usable for all implements, such as mowers and power harrows. On the armrest the Deutz-Fahr colour logic system is used; orange (driving), green (linkage), blue (aux remotes) and yellow (PTO).

Fold Out Radiators

Engine development is focused on optimising the cooling performance, as well as service and maintenance access. DEUTZ-FAHR is again following the strategy to have the best service access to the cooling package, which makes daily service much easier and comfortable. The radiators used in the 7 Series TTV Warrior are aluminium, allowing for exceptional thermal dissipation.

S-Matic HD TTV Transmission

The stepless ZF Smatic S240HD transmission designed for those looking for exact speeds to match any application. The TTV transmission of the 7 Series Warrior combines the efficiency of mechanical components with the comfort and smoothness of a hydrostatic system. Efficient and reliable, this transmission is capable of varying speed between 0 - 60 km/h top speed and offers on field work, by way of example, between 7 - 15 km/h in the main operating range, with 80% mechanical component, and in transport the average will be around 90% mechanical component. With a maximum pulling performance of 136 KN on the HD version, the transmission is capable of handling all heavy conditions.

Hi Output Hydraulics

To guarantee the maximum versatility of the hydraulics, the 7 Series TTV Warrior models can meet the widest possible range of customer demands. For example, large, closed centre hydraulics pumps with up to 160 L/min available. All auxiliary remote valves are electro hydraulic controlled with four sets (eight outlets) as standard. Timer and flow control to each valve is done inside the cabin, making the use of hydraulic control implements simple. Externally, on the rear fender, the operator has the ability to control one remote. Power Beyond and load sense lines are also standard.

MaxiVision 2 Cabin

The further development of the MaxiVision 2 Cab takes ergonomic design and operator comfort to the next level. It is a remarkably functional and comfortable working environment that bears the unmistakable signature of collaboration with Italian design and engineering icon, Giugiaro. With the new MaxiView windscreen and the large windows to the side and rear of the tractor, the driver has an exceptional all-round view. Thanks to the new design of the bonnet, the area in front of the tractor and the front lift area can easily be seen. The cab is now separated from the hood so heat, vibrations and noise are significantly reduced, lifting the driver’s comfort to a new, high class level. The maximum noise in cab is 69dB (A).

German Deutz Engine

The new 7 Series TTV Warrior is equipped with a completely redesigned engine in terms of environmental impact and cost-effectiveness. The DEUTZ 6.1 (Tier3) engine is more responsive, offers higher reserve torque and starts with a higher torque while, at the same time, fuel consumption has been reduced by five per cent compared to the previous generation. The efficiency of the engine is supported by an eVisco fan and the redesigned, compact high-performance cooling system from Mahle-Behr. The new and more efficient cooling package on these engines reduces airflow resistance to provide higher cooling capacity. What’s more, the individual system componentry is built up by aluminium, ensuring a long lifetime.

50 km/h Speed with Front Axle Suspension

All 7 Series TTV Warrior models are equipped with front axle and cabin suspension. The front axle suspension was redesigned from the previous series to allow more movement, resulting in better ride and traction results. When the front axle suspension is engaged there is I +/- 120mm of travel available at all times. Another standard feature is the anti-dive valve; when the brakes are applied the front axle does not move.

Flexible GPS Solutions

As an option, the 7 Series TTV Warrior can be fitted with the EasySteer hydraulic valve. Not only does this provide the option to plug in a GPS system, it also gives the operator a feature whereby the steering revolutions from lock-to-lock can be reduced when the system is activated. Deutz-Fahr offers in house GPS steering solutions with Trimble powered and TopCon products available. Both systems combine the latest guidance features. For more information please visit our Precision Ag section.


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