8280 TTV Warrior

Enriching the Line-up

Deutz-Fahr has launched the NEW Agrotron 8280 TTV Warrior, designed to meet the needs of contractors and arable farmers. This model completes the range of high horsepower tractors built at the company’s state of the art facility in Lauingen, Germany. Due to its characteristics and a wide offering of specifications, the 8280 TTV can be customised for all applications.

The advantages of a powerful standard tractor with the tech, functions and comfort of high horsepower tractors makes the new model unique in its segment.

These characteristics and specifications make it possible to adapt the 8280 TTV Warrior precisely to the customer’s requirements, from open field to transport, grassland operations to all heavy field or industry requirements.

This remarkably refined tractor offers the perfect combination of power and versatility, matched with new levels of comfort, DEUTZ-FAHR reliability and the latest precision farming technologies.

  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Warranty
  • 3 Year / 2,500 Hour Capped Price Service Solution
  • Trimble Powered Hydraulic Steer GPS
  • 60km Road Speed
  • Front Dry Disc Brakes
  • MaxiVision II Deluxe Cabin

8280 TTV Walkaround Video

Take a detailed view through the 8280 TTV with this walkaround video.


Mahle Behr Cooling Package

The engine development is focused on optimising the cooling performance, as well as service and maintenance access. DEUTZ-FAHR is again following the strategy to have the best service access to the cooling package, which makes daily service much easier and comfortable. The cooling package’s size is covered for a temperature range from “Arctic to Sahara” and is manufactured by renowned German auto parts maker Mahle Behr.

MaxiVision-2 Suspended Cabin

The MaxiVision 2 suspended cab offers an exceptional level of technology and comfort. Computerised analysis of airflows, the use of high-quality materials and the spaciousness of the cab create an inviting and comfortable working environment. Now that the cab is detached from the bonnet, heat, vibrations and noise are greatly reduced and raises the driver’s comfort to a new level. The maximum noise in cab is 69dB (A). Armrest controls, monitor rails andMP3 radio with Bluetooth are all standard.

Optimum Stopping Power

The 8280 TTV Warrior is the only standard tractor in its range fitted with high performance dry disc brakes on the front axle. Mandatory for 60 km/h, and recommended for 50 km/h, the option can also be fitted when higher braking performance is needed and the maximum weight of 16t is loaded. Sixty per cent of the braking force is absorbed in the front, while the additional booster brake system ensures maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure.

High Capacity Front and Rear Lift

With a maximum lifting capacity of up to 11,000 kg on the rear and up to 5450kg on the front, the 8280 TTV Warrior has more than enough power to lift most implements. Both rear and front linkages are controlled by the easy to use position dial located on the MaxCom armrest. The rear linkage incorporates draft, wheel slip, drop speed and height settings, whereas the front contains drop speed and height settings. External raise and lower buttons are also standard for both rear and front linkages.

Easy Maintenance

The engineers of Deutz-Fahr have made maintenance and checks easy. The NEW optional air supply connection under the left hand foot step allows the operator to connect an air hose in order to clean the radiators. One click fold out radiators, easy to view oil sight gauges and easy access to the battery make light work of maintenance.

Connected Farming Systems

The Connected Farming Systems (CFS) are DEUTZ-FAHR’s cohesive precision farming technology approach, focused on improving farming operation. CFS is based on the spread of technologies available today, such as reliable, automatic high precision track guidance systems, ISOBUS applications, data management and fleet management. This technology boosts efficiency by ensuring the most effective placement of inputs and also providing tech solutions that assist in maximising yields.

Deutz Twin Turbo Engine

The engine powering the Deutz Fahr 8280 TTV is a 6.1 litre DEUTZ twin turbo engine. The low engine speed concept ensures high power reserves at lower engine speeds. The nominal engine speed is 2,100 rpm; at 1780 rpm the full power capacity is already available. The maximum torque of up to 1,500 Nm can be reached at 1,100 rpm, resulting in tremendous lugging capabilities.

GPS Solutions

In Australia, Deutz-Fahr understands that GPS has been used for many years and a lot of farming operations want to keep using the same systems across their whole fleet. With the NEW TTV 8280 Warrior, we can individualise your GPS steering needs with Trimble powered, Topcon or Greenstar solutions.

New TTV 60km/h Transmission

Deutz-Fahr is striking out in a new direction by developing an infinitely variable transmission for the 8280 TTV Warrior. The new SDF7780 infinitely variable transmission is the fruit of many years' experience in transmission development. The intelligent combination of a stepped planetary gearbox, clutch unit and two hydrostatic units has evolved a new compound transmission which brings benefits from each element and guarantees optimum power flow. Three driving options control this transmission with auto, PTO and manual modes. Maximum road speed of 60km/h is achievable at 1830 rpm.

Hydraulic Options

To guarantee the maximum versatility of the hydraulics, the new 8280 TTV is available in different configurations capable of meeting the widest possible range of customer demands. To start with, hydraulic pump capacities have been increased, with up 210 L/min flow available. Electro hydraulic valves are all standard, along with Power Beyond and load sensing lines. All hydraulic oil is kept separate from the transmission oil, meaning there is no cross contamination.

DANA Dynamic Suspended Axle

The suspension concept of the front axle and the brake system of the 8280 TTV is unique in this tractor class. The intelligent and adaptive suspension system give the tractor maximum stability for heavy towing and for pushing tasks. The innovative anti-dive system stabilises the tractor during all transport tasks and enhances safety. The big advantage of the front axle suspension is that it can be activated or deactivated independently of the speed. This is absolutely necessary for heavy pulling applications or mowing.


The all-new Warrior Series has arrived in Australia to rave reviews! Click below to find out more about the range.

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