Designed for general mowing in a wider variety of applications including parks, sports ovals, reserves, roadsides and turf farms.

RLM with unique and convenient transport lock.

Improved belt engagement on drive pulleys to reduce slipping in heavier grass conditions.

Adjustable front roller provides precision height control.

The RLM can tackle conditions other mowers cannot.

  • Hot dipped galvanised body
  • Debris guards front and rear
  • Convenient transport lock on 237 and 350 models
  • Hydraulic SAFETY lock out on wings of 350 model
  • Easy cleaning openings in body
  • Two year gearbox and spindle warranty
  • The RLM will handle longer grass than competitive mowers


HS-RLM178 - RLM178

Overall Width - 1.91m

Cutting Width - 1.78m

Transport Width - 1.91m

Rec. Max Tractor HP - 30-75

Cut Height - 0-100mm

Weight - 460kg

HS-RLM237 - RLM237

Overall Width - 2.50m

Cutting Width - 2.37m

Transport Width - 2.50m

Rec. Max Tractor HP - 45-95

Cut Height - 0-100mm

Weight - 725kg

HS-RLM350 - RLM350

Overall Width - 3.61m

Cutting Width - 3.49m

Transport Width - 2.35m

Rec. Max Tractor HP - 75-110

Cut Height - 0-100mm

Weight - 1095kg