110-220 kW (150-300 HP)

Tailored for the users of folding power harrows, the Maschio Group offers high performance products coupled with simple and economic maintenance, guaranteed for all models. The double casing and the properly spaced bearing-toothed-wheel-bearing structure, make up the elemental core of a very rugged body resistant to shocks and torsion.

The Aquila folding power harrow is designed to suit the requirements of farm contractors and large sized farms. Available in 4.6, 5, 6 and 7 metre versions, with 450mm cage or 500mm tooth packer roller, suited for tractors up to 330 HP.






Central speed gearbox PTO 1000 rpm with wear PTO with phasing safety on side PTO

1000 rpm PTO side gearbox

Pair of standard gears: 17-23

Rotor revolution PTO 1000 rpm: 357

Central PTO shaft with slip clutch

Side PTO shafts (long life)

Universal three point hitch, cat. III^

Quick PTO shaft protection removal

Heavy duty gear-tray with double reinforcement

Round blade-holders

Long right and left dampened side protections

Rear lights for transport (disassembled)

Manual selection device for fix/upwards floating mode

Hydraulic folding system

Safety hydraulic locks for transport

Folded power harrow width: 240 cm

Two blades per rotor

Central eradicator

«CE» safety guards (supplied assembled)

Rear roller pin adjustment

Rear levelling bar on the roller with mechanical side adjusters

Transport protections


Aquila Power Harrow - 500

Working Width (cm) - 500

Transport Width (cm) - 240

Number of Rotors - 20

Min Power Required (hp) - 160

Aquila Power Harrow - 600

Working Width (cm) - 600

Transport Width (cm) - 240

Number of Rotors - 24

Min Power Required (hp) - 180