No matter the size of your farm, Deutz-Fahr has you covered with a flexible product range and solutions in a package that is feature rich and easy to use. The range topping 35X is a true masterpiece with standard features that set the benchmark across the precision ag industry. The premium mid-size 25X is the go-to product for most farming applications based on its convenient size, while still retaining most features.

  • Auto Steering
  • Manual Guidance
  • Farm Data
  • Scalable Platform
  • Receiver & Steering Controller

TOPCON Precision Ag

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Auto Steering

We have flexible steering solutions. Whether you choose a full integrated hydraulic system or a Deutz-Fahr approved electric assisted steering system, you will be able to steer forwards & backwards with up to 2cm accuracy. With our premium installations we use a wheel angle sensor for maximum performance, especially in raised beds or crawl type speeds. The factory mounts for the receiver and console ensure the installation is cosmetically as good as its performance and offers a clear definition over after market systems for your new tractor.

Manual Guidance

Sometimes auto-steering isn’t essential but you want a system to mark out your coverage, or even control your above ground farming operations like spraying or fertiliser spreading. The X-family of consoles can also be configured with our GNSS antenna for speed and position information. Down the track you can still upgrade to a steering capable receiver if preferred. The ideal solution if you have an ISOBUS spreader or sprayer and want to control it on a console that can map and record data with live on screen 3D mapping.


Choice of two consoles: Deutz Drive 35X with 12.1” full colour touch screen, bright and easy to use even in direct sunlight. ISOBUS implement control as standard and AEF certification. Deutz Drive 25X - 8.4” full colour touch screen, bright and easy to use even in direct sunlight. Basic ISOBUS control.

Deutz Drive 35X - 35X+

The premium 35X console is an all-in-one implement and steering controller. Unlocked as standard for the most demanding ISOBUS implements and carries the familiar horizon software as seen across the factory Deutz-Fahr iMonitor and Topcon after market consoles. 35X is bundled with the AGM-1 antenna for manual guidance. 35X+ is bundled with the AGI4 steering controller and GNSS receiver.

Drive Deutz 25X - 25X+

The most sought-after console on the market. The mid-size high spec console that is the perfect size for most tractor cabins, retaining the familiar horizon software interface and basic ISOBUS functionality. 25X is bundled with the AGM-1 antenna for manual guidance. 25X+ is bundled with the AGI4 steering controller and GNSS receiver.

Receiver & Steering Controller

AGI4 GNSS Receiver and Steering Controller The AGI-4 offers GNSS multi-constellation satellite reception standard for unmatched accuracy in dynamic applications and all terrain conditions. The all-in-one, modular design incorporates the antenna, receiver and steering controller in a single component, offering unmatched flexibility for upgrades. The AGI-4’s features state-of-the-art inertial sensors and full terrain compensation for superior line acquisition and holding capabilities. Upgrades to TopNET Global D, UHF RTK, cell-based RTK via NTRIP or a convenient external radio port for third party RTK (CMR+ or RTCMv3).

AGM-1 GNSS Receiver

Featuring Topcon TruPass™ Advanced Positioning Technology This compact, rugged receiver provides simultaneous processing of GPS and GLONASS signals with 224 channel high speed, universal tracking. The AGM-1 features Topcon TruPass advanced positioning technology for higher, more stable pass-to-pass accuracies in dynamic ag applications.


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