4050E – 4060E Keyline HD

ROPS Models – All Purpose Tractors 

The new DEUTZ-FAHR 4E Keyline HD Series is an extraordinarily versatile and robust family of tractors with a modern, attractive design and offering superior comfort.

Designed in accordance with the latest standards for ergonomics, the driver zone features rationally organised and clearly identified controls that are intuitive and simple to use.

The range consists of two models with power outputs from 50 to 60 HP.

Equipped with tried and tested transmissions and engines, and with potent hydraulic rear lifts, the new 4E Series Keyline HD tractors are capable of working effectively with a wide range of mounted and towed implements that would normally only be usable with much more powerful tractors.

  • 2 Models (50 - 60HP)
  • Forward Reverse Shuttle
  • Comfortable operating area with flat floor
  • 2 sets of Auxiliary rear remotes
  • Sun Canopy
  • Loader packaged with tractor an includes 4in1 bucket



The Deutz-Fahr 4E Keyline series uses a large capacity fuel efficient 3Lt, 3 cylinder engine with Bosch Individual injection technology. These features ensures the tractor can be used at lower engine revs resulting in better fuel consumption and less noise.

Turbo Intercooled Technology

The 4060E Keyline engine is equipped with Turbo intercooled technology. This technology delivers more cooled air into the engine resulting in more power output and better lugging capabilities.

Forward / Reverse Shuttle

A dedicated mechanical synchronised shuttle lever located on the left hand side of the steering column ensures smooth directional changes. This allows the operator to go the same speed in both directions when shuttling.

Universal Transmission

The transmission is equipped with a 12/12 gearbox. 4 synchronised gears, 3 ranges including creep and a smooth forward/reverse shuttle gives you the flexibility to complete any task at hand.

Flat Floor Operating Area

Ergonomics and comfort were the main focus when designing this tractor. A comfortable flat floor operating area with well positioned controls makes working with this tractor pleasurable.

Rear End Capable of Big Things

The rear of the tractor is fitted with Heavy duty epicyclical final drives and axles. This allow the tractor to carry and operate with high loads especially when you have a rear lift capacity of 1600kgs available.

High Capacity Hydraulics

A dedicated 31 L/min pump supplies oil for only the rear linkage and auxiliary valves. This oil flow is not taken by the power steering system as it has its own 17 L/min pump. 2 sets of Rear remotes with a detent /spring function are all standard fitment.

Extras Standard

When you price anything in life there is always an option that adds more cost. On this series the Canopy, Upswept exhaust and wheel weights are all standard. Even when you purchase a loader for this model the third function and 4in1 bucket are standard too!


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