HOWARD’s EHD E Series is a model variant which utilises the body and blade beam from the EHD series together with a market standard transmission (gearbox and friction clutch) to produce a competitively priced slasher. The EHDE maintains all the benefits of the proven multi-leaf alloy spring steel blade beam. Now, you can have the legendary performance of an EHD with a more price conscious entry level spec. Two pivoting rear wheels are standard on EHD210E and EHD300E.

  • Market standard transmission
  • Multi-leaf alloy spring steel blade beam
  • Two pivoting rear wheels on 210 and 300 models (optional on 180)


HS-EHD180ES2 - EHD 180E

OH&S Compliant - Yes

Cutting Width - 1.80m

Tractor HP - 70-150

Rear Wheels - Optional

HS-EHD210ES2 - EHD 210E

OH&S Compliant - Yes

Cutting Width - 2.10m

Tractor HP - 85-150

Rear Wheels - Included

HS-EHD300ES2 - EHD 300E

OH&S Compliant - Yes

Cutting Width - 2.97m

Tractor HP - 100-160

Rear Wheels - Included