G Series rotary tiller is the best option for preparing the seeding bed in the most difficult conditions, such as direct tillage on firm ground or summer tillage with dry and tough soil. The different rotors and the numerous options available make the G Series suitable for all conditions of use with working widths of 3m & 3.5m and coupled with tractors of up to 270 HP.

Top-of-the-range frame

G Series is the top of MASCHIO rigid framed rotary tillers and for this reason it has a HEAVY DUTY type equipment, such as the double sheet frame, spherical roller bearings, waterproof seals and 4-gears side drive. The powerful gearbox allows a rotation speed of 258 rpm. In addition, a 330 rpm version is available, ideal for high refinements for potato or carrot type crops.

Wide range of accessories

The variety of optional equipment such as the rear rollers, the anti-clogging kit, the double flanges make it possible to obtain equipment capable of any type of soil tillage, even in the most difficult conditions.

  • 4 robust gears in side drive to reduce rotor revolutions.
  • The waterproof mechanical seals ensures total isolation of the rotor bearings from mud, water and dust.
  • It is also possible to work in submersion in rice fields
  • Equipped with double spherical bearings for greater resistance to impacts and heavy workloads.


G 300

Working Width: 3.10m

Min/Max HP: 150-270hp

Transport Width: 3.35m

Number of Blades: 72

PTO Speed: 1000

Weight without Roller: 1450kg

Weight with Cage Roller: 1735kg

Weight with Packer Roller: 1930kg

G 350

Working Width: 3.60m

Min/Max HP: 170-270hp

Transport Width: 3.85m

Number of Blades: 84

PTO Speed: 1000

Weight without Roller: 1550kg

Weight with Cage Roller: 1870kg

Weight with Packer Roller: 2095kg