Model options:

Twin Bin 2 x 2000L EASYclean
Twin Bin 2 x 2000L EASYclean AIRblade
Discharge Arm, Bin 1 x 2000L EASYclean

The GL8.6, a harvester specifically designed to use the latest technology available but retaining the key values of the brand which are picking quality, ease of use and low maintenance cost.

The GL8.6 is designed to work in vineyards with minimum row spacing of 1.7 metres. Notably,  the GL8.6 can be used to harvest your grapes and then utilised during other periods of the year as the tractor base can be equipped with a front tool carrier for trimming / pruning, or used as a dedicated spraying unit by employing the machine’s ISOBUS functionality.

The GL8.6 is equipped with a Deutz 6-cylinder engine that requires No AdBlue or DPF (Tier 3). These engines deliver impressive power and optimised fuel efficiency even in the most trying conditions. The GL series is equipped with an automatic engine rpm management; depending on demand (e.g. running tools, vehicle speed, machine load) engine rpm will adapt automatically to always supply the necessary power. This smart management program guarantees precise and controlled fuel consumption, reduced noise levels and optimised machine reactivity.

  • Three different model options
  • Minimum row spacing of 1.7 metres
  • Utilised during other periods of the year
  • New cabin and driving system
  • Deutz 6-cylinder engine, no AdBlue or DPF (Tier 3)
  • Automatic engine rpm management


30 km/h AUTOdrive

In road mode, a maximum speed of 30km/h is achievable. In this mode all four wheels are powered for driver comfort and optimal road holding ability.

Large Cabin

A centrally mounted ROPS certified cabin gives the operator optimum vison of the vineyard and working areas at all times. The cabin is mounted on “Hydro Silent-Block” cab suspension which reduces vibrations, thereby enhancing driver comfort.

ARC picking head

Smooth picking and respect to the vineyard are most important. The Gregoire ARC picking head achieves this with a double swinging pendulum system. This means both the conveyers and suspended picking head swing to follow the vine, minimising damage to vine and vineyard to guarantee a high level of pick.

Automatic Slope Correction

The GL series are equipped with the latest generation of automatic slope management, allowing fast correction and higher reactivity with up to 600mm of movement.

Steering & Turning Radius

The new steering system allows precise and perfect manoeuvrability even in the most restricted areas. Vision is not compromised as the steering system is fitted without a steering beam.

Auto Speed

AUTOspeed perfectly manages the working speed no matter the ground conditions. The dedicated command on the joystick allows the operator to set and retrieve a desired ground speed.

Large Bin Capacity

As a twin bin solution the GL8 lateral stainless steel bins offer the largest storage with 4000 litre capacity.

Large Picking Tunnel

A 650mm picking tunnel on the GL8 enables the harvester to work in all kinds of vineyard configurations, from VSP to a sprawling canopy.

Fast Fit Rods

The Fast FIT system enables quick mounting and an easy curve adjustment of the picking rod. The number of rods can be easily changed and positioned depending on the fruit zone of the vine.

Deutz Engine

The GL8.6 harvester is equipped with a high performance Tier 3 178 hp Deutz engine that requires no AdBlue. Gregoire together with Deutz have tuned this engine to deliver the best efficiencies.

Comfort Console with armrest control

The armrest control fittest to the Gregoire GL series is intuitive and easy to use with push button operation. Fitted at the end of the armrest is the large 12" touch screen, the I-Monitor. The I-Monitor displays all harvester data clearly in colour; if any settings needed to be changed this can be done using the touch screen.


Let there be light! The GL series harvesters are equipped with 12 LED lights to guarantee vision and safer night time work.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance is an integral part of the typical harvest day and the Gregoire design team ensured that all aspects of cleaning and maintenance operations are easy. An integrated washing and separated control box to control harvester functions outside the cabin are all standard.


Plantations / Vineyards

Minimum vine width - 1.70m


Deutz Tier 3 - 178Hp 6.1 Lt Turbocharged engine – NO AdBlue + DPF

Automatic rpm management

Fuel tank capacity - 260 l

Transmission / Hydraulics

Hydrostatic transmisison Twin Lock 4 wheels drive

Automatic anti-spinning Front/Rear (torque distributor)

Slope correction - 600 mm / 28%

AUTOspeed : cruise control

Optimisation du AUTOdrive, Automatic rpm optimization system on road and work mode

Max. road speed : 30 km/h

Front Tyres 380/85R24

Rear Tyres 480/70 R28

Oil tank capacity - 110 l

Driving / Controls

Central cab

Automatic, reversible air co and cooling compartment

Pneumatic seat

Steering wheel column with height adjustment and 2 pivots

Touch and color 12" screen i-Monitor

Multifunction and ergonomic joystick with backlighting

Automatic leveling

EASY 360: 360° cameras (broadcasted on additional screen)

Bluetooth radio handsfree

USB plugs - 2

Laterale ladder (25°) with automatically slide

Lights (LED) - 10

Optional: CAT 4 cab - driver protection (dust, aerosol and fumes)

Harvesting module

Double pendulum system (shacking + conveying)

Automatic lock activating road mode

Suspended picking head - 8 silent-blok

14 ARC² picking rods with fast fixing FASTfit

Catcher tray length - 2600 mm

Minimum harvesting height - less than 15 cm

Tunnel width - 650 mm

MOG extraction

Twin Bin EASYclean: 2 Bottom Fans, Vertical extractors, EASYclean

Twin Bin EASYclean AIRblade: 2 Bottom Fans, 2 Top Fans, Vertical extractors, AIRblade, EASYclean

Discharge Arm Bin EASYclean: 2 Bottom fans, 2 Top Fans, Vertical extractors, EASYclean


Stainless Steel Bins: 4000L (2 x 2000L)

Emptying height - 2985 mm

Bin level sensor on i-Monitor


Removable harvesting assembly

Quick harvesting module mounting

Optional front tool holder

ISOBUS technology

Access, cleaning and maintenance

Large Top Platform

Centralized Greasing

Tool Box + Picking Rod Storage

External control box in wash mode

Integrated wash hose to top platform

Option: Automatic Grease system