The agriculture industry has experienced fundamental changes. Grape growers today need more data than ever before to make the right decisions at the right time.

To get the best quality and yield from your vineyard, the GL & GX series harvesters help you to make these decisions with the newest technology, such as mapping technology.

The AGROSKY SR-10 GPS receiver can be offered as an option and can be mounted on the cab roof. This will map data necessary for NEOmap and NEOtrack.



GL & GX integrate as an option the NEOmass weighing system. The on-board weighing sensors allow the quantity of harvest picked to be measured and gives the operator vital information, such as harvest weight in the bins (before dumping), weight of harvest picked in the plot and harvest weight for the day. Harvest weight is great information for the winery or trucking company. This is not available on arm versions.


NEOtrack makes it easy to know which rows have been covered, day or night, by changing the row colour on the screen. It works with harvesting, spraying, or any other multifunction tool that the operator is using with the harvester.


NEOmap is a yield mapping system totally integrated and easy to use. Yield mapping enables the operator to monitor the plot yield and to assess yield variation. Based on the information reported the operator can make changes in the field (fertiliser, spraying treatments, irrigation, etc.)


EASYpilot automatically centers the harvester on the vine row without driver input. Using a 3D telemetric camera, EASYpilot works, no matter the season. It works with multi-function tools, harvesting or spraying, day or night. As opposed to a GPS guided system, EASYpilot can be use in a vineyard not covered by a GPS signal. Perfect centering on the row is a guarantee of optimal picking quality.


EASYturn reduces the steering wheel revolutions from lock to lock. This enables you to turn around quicker in the headlands. Combined with EASYpilot, steering on the GL & GX is quick, smooth and provides a perfect row following.


GL & GX are equipped with two cameras. The 360° camera (option) shows on an additional color screen to provide a complete overhead view of the machine and its surroundings. EASY360 removes all blind spots and provides confidence to the operator during headland, bin dumping and loading maneuvers.