The acclaimed RV 5216 features the patented PowerBind net wrapping and Intelligent Density 3D software package for easy selection of bale density. This model offers truly intelligent baling with a clean raking 2.2m five tine bar pickup, choice of intake system, programmable “multi chamber” bale density system and user friendly ISOBUS compatible controls. The two versions offer bale diameters from 0.60m up to 1.65m. The bale diameter is easily adjusted through the control terminal.


  • Patented PowerBind net wrapping
  • Intelligent Density 3D software package
  • Easy selection of bale density
  • 2.2m five tine bar pickup
  • Choice of intake system
  • Programmable “multi chamber” bale density system
  • User friendly ISOBUS compatible controls
  • Adjustable bale diameters from 0.60m up to 1.65m

The RV5216 SuperCut 14

Familiarise yourself with our New Vicon 5000 Series PowerBlind system.

Vicon RV5000 series

Familiarise yourself with our Vicon RV5000 Series.


RV 5216 SC14

Length - 4.48m

Width - 2.52m

Height - 2.70m

Weight - 3250kg

Bale Chamber Diameter min - 0.60m

Bale Chamber Diameter max - 1.65m

Bale Chamber Width - 1.20m

Bale formation - 5 belts + 3 rollers

Bale Chamber Belt width - 220mm

Pick-up Working width - 220cm

Pick-up Tine rows - 5nb

Pick-up Tine spacing - 60mm

Pick-up Pneumatic gauge wheels - Standard

Operations Focus terminal - Optional

Operations Hydraulic outlets - 1SA+1DA+R

Wheels and Axles - 15.0/55-17

Reversible drawbar - Standard

PTO - 540rpm

Min power requirements - 55/75 kW/hp

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RV5216 SuperCut 14