Introducing the HX 1402 and HX 1302, the epitome of modern agricultural excellence. With a suite of cutting-edge features, these tractors are designed to elevate your farming experience to unprecedented levels of comfort, efficiency, and precision.

Illuminate your workday with the advanced LED light package, offering unparalleled visibility in any condition, whether it’s the darkest night or the brightest day. Bid farewell to discomfort with the cab suspension system, engineered to absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even over the roughest terrain.

Unlock unparalleled versatility with the hydraulic top link, allowing effortless adjustment for precise control of implements, empowering you to tackle any task with ease and efficiency. Simplify your operations with Easy Stop technology, which streamlines navigation and enhances safety with intuitive controls, making every maneuver a breeze.

The HX 1402 comes fully equipped with all the extras, while the HX 1302 boasts the advanced LED light package, ensuring that no matter which model you choose, you’ll experience the pinnacle of tractor innovation and performance.

  • LED light package
  • Cab suspension
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Easy stop
  • Rear wheel weight



Built with a 3.8L 4 cylinder diesel engine at either 130hp or 140hp, the HX achieves optimum engine performance, thereby increasing work productivity.


A simple button operation on the side speed lever and armrest gives you a 32x32 transmission with an 8-speed Powershift in 4 ranges.

Loader Joystick

The multi-functional loader joystick is built with 3rd service and Powershift buttons, simplifying loader working conditions for the user.

3 Point Linkage

The electronic controlled 3-point linkage system boasts a 4852kg lifting capacity, allowing for the installation of multiple working implements.

Hydraulic Remotes

Changing or removing implements is light work on the HX, thanks to the four external rear hydraulic ports and one-handed quick couplers. Flow at the remotes is 118 L/min.

Load Sensing

Load Sensing provides optimal hydraulic pressure and flow rate for load sensing operations. This results in automatically neutralising valves in the event of high loads during operation.

Multi-Functional Armest

The multi-functional electronic armrest features numerous functions, such as throttle engagement, 3-point linkage lift and lower, Powershift and Auto Powershift mode.

Sun Roof

A transparent sunroof inside the cabin ensures an upward clear vision when using the loader, improving ease of operation and safety.

Steering Wheel

Smooth handling thanks to the steering wheel angle/height adjustment setting creates an optimal driving position, improving workability and comfort.

External Controls

The addition of rear fender remote and PTO switches increases the convenience of both the removal and attachment of external implements.

Limited Slip Diff

The use of a LSD front axle prevents the occurrence of slippage due to the load difference of the front wheels. This creates traction, greatly aiding manoeuvrability in any conditions.


The use of radial tyres allows for a comfortable drive with low vibration. A strong friction force means towing work is a breeze for the driver.



Daedong 4J243TI-TP2A

3833cc displacement

130 hp (HX1301) & 140 hp (HX1401)

230 Litre Fuel Tank Capacity


Power Shuttle

Power Shift

32 x 32 Speed

Wet Disc Clutch

Rear Standard Diff Lock

Independent PTO

Hydraulic 4WD


Electronic 3 Point Lift

165.3L/min Total Hydraulic Flow

118L/min Implement Pump

47.3L/min Power Steering Pump

Category II 3-Point Hitch

4852kg Maximum Lifting Capacity

4 (1x Float/Detent - 3x Spring Return) Remote Valves

Hydrostatic Power Steering


Independent 540/750/1000 PTO


Instructor seat

Speed gauge

PTO cruise

Parking alarm

Fridge and heating cabinet

Drink holder

Bluetooth radio

A/C and heating

Front fenders

Working lights

Sun roof


Forward 0.38 - 40.48km/h

Reverse 0.37 - 40.20km/h


Overall Length incl. 3PL 4518mm

Overall Width Minimum Tread 2267mm

Overall Height 3011mm

Wheelbase 2600mm

Ground Clearance 496mm

Weight with Cab and Tyres 4853kg


Front Ag 1854mm / Rear Ag 1800mm