The McHale F5600 is fitted with a servo operated load sensing control valve, along with the Expert Plus console, to make the baling process fully automatic.

It is also equipped with a 25 knife chopping unit and an in-chamber film bale binding system and is a fully automatic round baler.

The F5600 is the highest specification round baler in the McHale F5000 round baler range.

Once the round bale is formed, the net is automatically applied. The tailgate then automatically opens and releases the high density round bale.

The F5600 fully automatic round baler comes standard with all the high specification features of the F5500 round baler and also benefits from the following features:

  • Expert Plus console with large graphic display
  • High capacity 25 knife rotor (optional)
  • Automatic tailgate operation
  • Drop floor unblocking cycle
  • Bale kicker sensor
  • In cab net adjustment
  • In cab bale density adjustment


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On the McHale F5600 fully automatic round baler, the left hand side of the gearbox drives rollers in the bale chamber, while the pickup and chopper unit are driven from the right hand side of the machine. This system ensures direct short transfer paths and optimal power distribution.


The McHale F5600 is equipped with a 2.1 metre galvanised pickup, which lifts even the shortest of crop. Accurate height control can be achieved through a spring balanced hydraulic lifting system. The F5600 baler comes standard with pneumatic guide wheels, which contact the ground on exactly the same line as the tines and guide the pickup perfectly over uneven ground.

Chopper Unit

The McHale F5600 fully automatic round baler is equipped with the same high capacity 25 knife chopper unit and rotor as the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper. As crop enters the spiral rotor, pairs of rotating tines feed the crop through the chopping unit. The double tines on the rotor ensure high output while the spiral layout reduces the load peaks as the F5600 works in heavy swarths.

Drop Floor

The McHale F5600 fully automatic round baler is designed to achieve maximum output; however, as baling conditions are not always ideal, uneven swarths can occur and this can lead to blockages. The main drive chain on the F5600 baler is protected by a slip clutch on the PTO.

Bale Chamber

The bale chamber on the McHale F5600 fully automatic round baler produces a 1.23 X 1.25 metre round bale. The bale chamber on the F5600 is comprised of 18 heavy duty rollers. Chamber bearings are 50mm, with double raced bearings on the main load points to stand up to the most testing conditions. The F5600 fully automatic baler is fitted with heavy-duty drive chains and sprockets, which ensure long life and minimum down time.

Greasing system

The bearings are supported by a progressive greasing system. Each time a bale is ejected from the machine, grease passes through the respective progressive blocks. The blocks measure and regulate the amount of grease going to the bearings. This ensures that the machine consistently delivers the correct amount of grease depending on the load the bearings are under.

Automated tailgate

Once the bale is netted in the chamber of the McHale F5600, the tailgate of the baler automatically opens, allowing the high-density round bale to be ejected. Once the bale has passed over the bale kicker the tailgate automatically closes, allowing the operator to continue baling.

Bale kicker sensor

The McHale F5600 fully automatic round baler has a sensor on the bale kicker, which ensures that the bale has been ejected from the chamber before the tailgate closes.

Expert Plus Console

An Expert Plus control console, which features a large graphic display, controls the McHale F5600 round baler; this allows the operator to monitor the baling process graphically from the control console. The Expert Plus control console features: • Knife display • Door position display • Drop floor control • Bale kicker sensor • Lube alarm • Volume control

Vario Stretch Net System

A new high performance netter has been designed and developed for the F5000 range. The net tension can be simply adjusted on a variable pulley on the right hand side of the machine and a decal displays the various settings that can be achieved using the system, depending on the net quality being used.


Weight & Dimensions

Lenght - 4.05m

Width - 2.58m

Height - 2.45m

Weight - 3700kg

Pick Up

Pick Up Lift - Hydraulic

Crop Roller - Optional

Short Crop Guard - Standard

Tine Spacing - 70mm

Chopper Unit

Unblocking System - Drop Floor

Knife Deactivation - Hydraulic from Cab

Knife Protection - Hydraulic

Theoratical Chop Length - 46mm

Number of Knives - 25

Bale Chamber

Width (m) - 1.23

Diameter (m) - 1.25

Greasing - Automatic Progressiv

Bearings - 50mm

Number of Rollers - 18

Bale Chamber Feed - Fusion Rotor

Net Wrap

Net Adjustment - In Cab

Net Roll Capacity - 1+1 Storage

Net System - Vario Stretch

Control - Manual or Automatic


Chain Lubrication - Continuous

Pick Up Protection - Slip Clutch

Main Drive Protection - Cam Clutch

Gearbox - Split Drive


Density Adjustment - In Cab

Operation - Automatic

Control System - Expert Plus


Axle - 8 stud

Road Lights - Standard

Bale kicker Indicator - Standard

Tyres Standard - 500/50 - 22.5


**Bearings are double raced on the main load points

Hydraulics - 2 Double acting spools

Minimum Power Requirement - 75kW (100hp)

McHale F5600 Brochure

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