The MCHALE FUSION VARIO PLUS is a fully automatic integrated baler wrapper which can apply film or net wrap to the barrel of the bale, delivering optimum bale shape and bale density. The Vario Plus can provide high quality fodder through the use of the film binding system, resulting in better quality silage and easier feed out. This machine provides a number of benefits as the task of baling and wrapping can be carried out using one machine. There is also a labor saving, as one operator, one tractor and one machine can complete baling and wrapping duties. The McHale Fusion Vario Plus also has the ability to make bales of hay and straw from 0.6m to 1.68m (2’–5’6″) but in haylage or silage, it produces bales from 1m to 1.45m (3 ‘ 3 “–4 ‘8 “) to allow for wrapping.

It features two unique patents; a patented bale transfer system and a patented vertical wrapping ring. The machine is ISOBUS compatible and can be operated through the tractor terminal or ISO-Play 7 or 12 terminals.

  • 2.1m Profi-Flo Pick-Up
  • Film or Net Binding
  • ISOBUS/ ISO-Play
  • 2x Inbuilt Camera System
  • Drop Floor Unblocking System
  • Double Drive Variable Bale Chamber
  • 15 Knife Chopper Unit with Heavy-Duty Rotor
  • Single Belt Bale Chamber with Endless Belt
  • Bale Shape Assist Indicators
  • Patented Bale Transfer Delivering Higher Output
  • High Speed Vertical Wrapping Ring
  • Spring Tine Crop Roller

Explore the Fusion Vario

Take an in-depth view into the Fusion Vario.


Transfer System

As the transfer cradle moves the bale towards the wrapping ring, the wrapping roller closest to the bale chamber pivots out of the way, thereby reducing the height the bale has to travel to get to the wrapper. This clever system saves time, as the patented system moves the bale quickly, ensuring the McHale Fusion Vario delivers the highest possible output.

Wrapping System

This high-speed vertical wrapping ring can apply four layers of film to a 1.25 metre bale in approximately 20 seconds, or six layers of film in 30 seconds. In normal working conditions the ever efficient wrapping process is always complete ahead of the baler, meaning that the wrapping platform is always ready and waiting to capture the next ejected bale.


The McHale Fusion Vario is a fully automatic baler wrapper The i Touch in-cab control console provides clear indicators of machine performance on its large touch screen graphic display.


Weight & Dimensions

Lenght - 6.3m

Width - 2.94m

Height - 3.30m

Weight - 6550kg

Working width - 2.10m

Pick Up

Tine Bars - 5

Tine Spacing - 70mm

Short Crop Guard - Option

Crop Roller - Standard

Pick Up Guide Wheels (pneumatic) - Standard

Chopper Unit

Max Number of Knives - 15

Theoratical Chop Length - 65mm

Unblocking System - Drop Floor

Bale Chamber

Width - 1.23m

Diameter - 0.6m to 1.68m

Bale Chamber Feed - V660 Rotor

No of Belts - 3

Net Wrap

Control - Manual or Automatic

Net System - Vario Stretch

Net Roll Capacity - 1+1 Storage

Net Adjustment - In Cab


Gearbox - Split Drive

Main Drive Protection - Cam Clutch

Pick up Protection - Slip Clutch

Chain Lubrication - Continuous

Bale Chamber - Double Drive


Density Adjustment - In Cab

Bale Size Adjustment - In Cab

Operation - Fully Automatic

Control System - iTouch System

Inbuilt Camera - Standard


Axle - 8 Stud

Tyre Sizes - 650/50R 22.5

Electronics - 12 Volt DC, 15 amp approx.

Road Lights - Standard


Minimum Hydraulic Flow - 45 litres / min at 180 bar

Hydraulic System - Open. Closed or Load Sensing

Min PTO Power Requirement - 114hp (85kW)