The McHale V6740 is a non-chopper variable chamber baler that is equipped with a high intake feed rotor to ensure even and efficient crop flow to the bale chamber. The McHale V6740 is driven by a primary drive system for optimum bale formation. Central grease blocks are fitted on the machine for greasing while oiling is controlled through the continuous oiling system. Net and bale density can be adjusted from the cab through the Expert Plus control console. The machine is fitted with 460/65-20 tyres as standard.


Features Include:

  • 2.1m high intake pickup with galvanised bands
  • High intake feed rotor
  • Expert Plus control system
  • Centralised greasing blocks
  • Optional camless pickup


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McHale has developed various types of pickups. After extensive testing, McHale decided it would offer customers the choice of two pickup options depending on their conditions - cam pickup and camless pickup.

McHale pickups - standard features

Heavy Duty Pickup - All McHale pickups feature heavy-duty tine bar supports to ensure long service life. A vital part of the pickup is the tine; McHale has developed a pickup tine designed to lift even the shortest of crop. Efficient Crop Flow Delivery - The specially designed McHale pickup is positioned close to the rotor to improve delivery of the crop through the rotor to the bale chamber. Large diameter lateral feed augers help direct crop to the bale chamber, ensuring a consistent and even crop flow for producing high density bales.


The V6740 is fitted with a twin finger rotor The star-shaped feed rotors ensure a high capacity flow of grass into the bale chamber. The flights on the rotors are laid out in a spiral formation to achieve consistent crop flow. As crop enters the rotor, rotating flights feed the crop to the bale chamber. The flights on the rotor ensure high output, while the star layout reduces the load peaks as the machines work in heavy swaths.


A split drive gearbox is fitted to all machines in the McHale variable chamber baler range The gearbox design ensures that power is evenly distributed to both sides of the baler. The belt(s) in the bale chamber are driven from the left hand side of the machine, and the pickup and chopper unit are driven from the right hand side of the machine. This system ensures direct and short transfer paths, leading to optimal power distribution

Drop Floor

All balers in the variable chamber baler range are fitted with the McHale drop floor unblocking system, a feature which operators have come to love for its simplicity of use and effective unblocking cycle. As baling conditions are not always ideal, uneven swaths can occur which can lead to blockages. The drop floor unblocking system means blockages can be fed through in three simple steps: Drop the floor • Should a blockage occur, the sound of the slip clutch alerts the operator, who can hydraulically lower the floor from the tractor cab. Re-engage the PTO • This widens the feed channel and, on re-engaging the PTO, the blockage can be fed through. Resetting the Floor • The floor can then be reset to its original position and baling can resume.

Control Console

The McHale V6740 and V6750 are fitted with an Expert Plus control console, which has a large graphic display. The Exp console also gives the operator the choice of selecting a soft or hard bale core, depending on the customer’s feed out requirements. The control console can also store ten bale count totals so the operator can record ten different counts that may be associated with different fields or different customers. From the control console in the tractor cab the operator can adjust the following: • Core size and bale size • Core density and bale density • Revolutions of net being applied The McHale Expert Plus control console also features: • Knife display • Door position display • Pre-net bale formation alert • Net usage (metres) • Bale size setting • Bale size display • Drop floor display • Lube count • Lube alarm • Net layers • Bale density • Bale shape indicator


The McHale variable chamber baler range of balers are fitted with a continuous oiling system. Once the PTO is engaged, the continuous oiling system constantly lubricates the chains to ensure a long lifetime. The continuous oiling system on the baler is driven off the gearbox and delivers oil to the following chains: • Chamber drive-side chains • Rotor – drive chain • Pickup – drive chains • Pickup – cam track • Pickup – drive gears Greasing All balers come fitted with a number of manual greasing points which are easily accessible throughout the baler either individually or through a centralised greasing block. The following bearings highlighted below are greased: • Bale chamber – drive side • Bale chamber – non-drive side • Rotor bearings – drive side • Rotor bearings – non-drive side


Weight & Dimensions

Width - 2.55/2.58m* depending on tyre size

Lenght - 4.8m

Height - 2.75m

Weight - 3700kg

Working width - 2.10m

Pick Up

Tine Bars - 5

Tine Spacing - 70mm

Short Crop Guard - Standard

Crop Roller - Optional

Pick Up Guide Wheels (pneumatic) - Standard

Chopper Unit

Number of Knives - 0

Unblocking System - Drop Floor

Knife Protection - N/A

Theoratical Chop Length - N/A

Bale Chamber

Diameter (m) - 0.6m to 1.68m

Width (m) - 1.23

Bale Chamber Feed - High Intake Feed Rotor

Number of Belts - 3

Net Wrap

Control - Manual or Automatic

Net System - High Performance Netter

Net Adjustment - In Cab

Net Roll Capacity - 1+2 Storage


Gearbox - Split Drive

Pick Up Protection - Slip Clutch

Main Drive Protection - Cam Clutch

Bale Chamber - Primary Drive


Conrol System - Expert Plus

Operation - Semi Automatic

Density Adjustment - In Cab

Bale Size Adjustment - In Cab

Inbuilt Camera - N/A


Axle - 8 Stud

Tyres Standard - 460/65/20

Tyres Optional - 500/50/22.5 or 560/45/22.5

Raod Lights - Standard

Electronics - 12 Voldt DC -20 amp

Bale Kicker - Standard


Minimum Hydraulic Flow - 30 Litres / min at 180 bar

Hydraulic System - Open. Closed or Load Sensing

Minimum PTO Requirements - 55kW (73hp)

McHale V6740/V6750 brochure

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McHale V6740/V6750