With the same practical design and easy to use operation that all SAM’s are known for, SAM Orchard Spreaders are made to meet the needs of modern orchards. They have a lower profile and narrower width, and provide great versatility around what you are able to spread.

Designed primarily for spreading organic matter such as compost, green matter and mulch. This machine will also spread processed fertiliser like superphosphate, lime and urea with absolutely no change-over time!

This Orchard Spreader includes a computer controlled hydraulic floor. The SAM controller allows you to choose between spreading or banding at the touch of a button. Rates are input and you are away.

Banding compost, green matter and mulch using the side conveyor

The floor mat moves toward the front of the machine, moving material onto the side banding conveyor. This creates a precise banding or piling pattern in full view of the operator.

Spreading organic material and processed fertilisers using spinners

For a spread pattern behind the machine, the floor mat moves backwards toward the spinners. For different planting centres, spread widths can be changed by setting the speed of the spinners and from the controller.

Minimum of 40 l/min required from your tractor.


  • SAM computer controller
  • Instant control switch
  • Everything from lime to compost to mulch
  • Strong stainless panels

Watch the SAM Orchard Spreader in action

This quick video gives you a preview of the SAM Orchard Spreader in action. Made to meet the needs of most modern orchards it is versatile and easy to use. Choose between spreading and banding from your tractor at the touch of a button


Orchard Spreader

Single axle 70mm

6,000kg axle capacity

10/75 x 15.3 (Tractor Tread)

70mm screw jack

4.75m overall length

1.6m overall width

1.42m overall height

1.59m bin width

2.6m bin length

2m3 capacity

2.2T superphosphate (1.2)

3.2T Lime (1.6)

1.5T Urea

Standard cover

Standard LED road lights

Standard swivel coupling