PANTERA L is a professional folding rotary tiller that combines the frame structure of PUMA model with the rotor of the larger PANTERA model. Born from the need of farmers using tractors in the 200 – 300 HP, PANTERA L stands out for being a high-end equipment but with a low weight.

HEAVY DUTY structure

The consolidated structure of PUMA is enriched by high-end technical features, such as the 570 mm rotor, the roller bearings, ideal in high stress situations, or the plate PTO shafts protections, more resistant than the classic plastic cover. To increase operator comfort, the rear bonnet and roller can be adjusted hydraulically directly from the tractor cab. PANTERA L is also equipped with PTO shafts for side drive with cams protection.

Unparalleled ground REFINEMENT

The double lateral transmission with gears in oil bath, the strong rotor with 258 rpm and the 6 blades per flange enhance the refinement of the seedbed with an optimal management of the power absorption. The optional Cobra and Condor rotors make PANTERA L even more performing on heavy or stony grounds, guaranteeing reliability and high refinement performances.

  • 4 robust gears in side drive to reduce rotor revolutions.
  • The waterproof mechanical seals ensures total isolation of the rotor bearings from mud, water and dust.
  • It is also possible to work in submersion in rice fields
  • equipped with double spherical bearings for greater resistance to impacts and heavy workloads.
  • Equipped with a new design for the protection of the PTO shaft totally made of metal in order to eliminate the breakages of the classic plastic cover.
  • Optional anti clogging liner available


Pantera 420 L

Working Width: 4.28m

Min/Max HP: 190-320hp

Transport Width: 2.17m

Number of Blades: 96

PTO Speed: 1000

Weight with Cage Roller: 3200kg

Weight with Packer Roller: 3560kg

Pantera 470 L

Working Width: 4.78m

Min/Max HP: 210-320hp

Transport Width: 2.17m

Number of Blades: 108

PTO Speed: 1000

Weight with Cage Roller: 3400kg

Weight with Packer Roller: 3700kg