The well proven Kverneland PW/RW “3 in 1 concept” consists of a robust semi-mounted plough in the front and a standard EG or LB mounted reversible plough at the rear.

Depending on weather and soil conditions, either use the whole wagon plough or only the front or the rear plough.

  • 3 in 1 concept
  • Robust semi-mounted plough
  • Either use the whole wagon plough or only the front or the rear plough


Robust design + Kverneland unique steels and heat treatment technology

Quality ploughing thanks to the 3 point linkage of the center section. It follows the ground at all times

Easy and safe to adjust and to operate (ATS, Isobus, manual management with the addition of a valve controller or manual management via tractor control)

Unrivalled Auto-reset system for PW for non-stop ploughing. No maintenance. Shearbolt protection for RW

Variomat Vari-width® for On the Move or manual furrow width adjustments

"In Furrow" and/or "On Land"

Stable and safe while turning and in transport

Packomat compatible

A wide range of accessories

7 to 12 furrows



Interbody clearance cm - 100

Underbeam clearance cm - 70/75

Furrow width cm - 35 - 50

No of furrows - 7 - 12

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