This Auto Hitch saves you time and effort. It gives easy coupling from your tractor cab when using a variety of towed implements.

The SAM Auto Hitch stands upright unsupported. This means no manual lifting.

You have a great view of the pin from your cab and it gives quick alignment and when coupling to a three point linkage. You have a simple, easy pick-up every time.

The Quick Hitch is fully welded. It has been constructed with safety and strength in mind. SAM Auto Hitches are suitable for a whole range of towed machinery.

Tow pins come in a couple of sizes and are easy to change out if needed.

The larger pin is suitable for trailed implements up to 15 tonnes. The smaller pin is suitable for up to 12 tonnes.

A tow ball pin is also available.


Models available include:

  • SAM Quick Hitch
  • SAM 32mm Pin
  • SAM 40mm Pin
  • SAM Towball


Excellent view

Superb view of your tow-pin for safe coupling and uncoupling.


The construction is full-welded which means it has been engineered with safety and strength.

Self-supporting stand

The design stands unsupported (when you are not using it) - this means quick alignment and no unnecessary lifting.

Safety latch

The safety latch fits across the tow-eye to lock in place.


CAT-2 lift-arm and top pins (all are easily replaceable).

Tow ball option

There is a tow ball option available if required.

Different pin sizes

There are two tow pin sizes. The strongest and most common is the 40 millimetre to work with a 50 millimetre eye. The smaller 32 millimetre pin is made to work with a 37 millimetre eye.


Quick Hitch

Overall height: 730mm

Overall width: 400mm

Overall length: 940mm

Weight: 95kg