Like all SAM Spreaders, SAM tandem-axle combos are very easy to operate and maintain. They are also more flexible around what the operator is able to spread.

They are able to spread the usual granulated and powder fertilisers such as urea, super and lime. They also work well with the majority of organic fertiliser materials for example; chicken manure, pig manure, screw pressed products and sand.

Tandem-axle available in 9 tonne size only. All have a belt on the floor that is 800mm wide. 

Models available:


  • SAM 9t Tandem Axle Combo Spreader (Manual)
  • SAM 9t Tandem Axle Combo Spreader (ISOBUS)


More stainless for longevity

Majority stainless at the rear of the machine, extends longevity of gear where you need it most. The stainless discs are run via enclosed stainless spinner tubes and two well-proven hydraulic motors. Easily adjustable tapered roller bearings keep disks tight.

Corrosion resistant paintwork

All chassis's on SAM Spreaders have seen a new evolution of painting procedure. This is for extra corrosion protection. Firstly a steel grit abrasive blast then a thermal-arc pure zinc spray, a primer followed by a final two-pot epoxy top-coat. It is mega tough stuff!

Strong plastic bin

The polyethelyne plastic bin has proven to be extremely reliable. They are strong, corrosion resistant and UV-stabilised. Fertiliser also slips down the sides and washes off easily when you are cleaning your gear.

Even, accurate spread

The SAM twin spinner disc design gives an accurate and consistent spread pattern across a range of products. Quick and simple rate setting is by adjusting the rear door.


9 Tonne Combo

Tandem-axle 80mm

16,000kg axle capacity

550/60 x 22.5

70mm screw jack

6.1m overall length

2.75m overall width

2.38m overall height

2.1m bin width

4.1m bin length

7.6m3 capacity

9T superphosphate (1.2)

11T Lime (1.6)

5.9T (Urea .77)

Standard cover

Standard LED road lights

Standard swivel coupling