Trimble-Powered Precision Ag to fit Kioti PX Series Tractors

Kioti offers Trimble-powered Precision Ag product to suit  Non-Steer-Ready tractors.

The sleek operating interface on the GFX-750 makes for a strong argument in deploying Trimble’s latest high-tech display in your farming operation. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting with precision ag, the console will become familiar very quickly and with the new simple mode you can make the system even easier to use by hiding some of the non-essential on-screen options.

The NAV-900 guidance controller is Trimble’s most advanced GNSS receiver to date, built for maximum uptime and a wide range of accuracy options from basic to high precision. This new guidance controller features Trimble’s most powerful GNSS engine. It tracks more satellites from more constellations, leading to more robust performance in harsh environments and also faster RTX convergence time.

The EZ Pilot Pro Steering Wheel is an electronic steering system designed for Non-Steer-Ready tractors, allowing them to utilise the Trimble Precision Ag system in a similar way to a Steer Ready tractor would.

Flexible accuracy options to suit your farming operation.

Trimble has a positioning service for every agricultural need, no matter what you farm, how you farm, or where you’re located. Year over year, stay on the line for every application the first time, every time.


  • 25.6 cm high-definition display
  • Android-based operating system
  • Genuine Trimble hardware
  • Wide-range of connectvity
  • Remote support


EZ Pilot Pro Steering Wheel

The EZ Pilot Pro Steering Wheel provides a steering solution for all Deutz-Fahr non-steer-ready tractors. This system replaces the original steering wheel with an electrically driven system providing an Auto steering solution when a Trimble Powered GFX 750 and NAV 900 are fitted. This system works with all correction services and is a cost-effective solution to make the tractor steer automatically.

GFX 750 Display

The Trimble® 10.1” GFX-750™ display continues a strong tradition of sleek, easy-to-use displays from Trimble Agriculture. With a roof-mounted guidance controller, your cab will be clean and clutter-free with this automated guidance system. Add in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to go along with ISOBUS compatibility and you can tackle farming applications from every season across all of your equipment brands

NAV 900 Guidance Controller

The NAV-900 guidance controller is our most advanced GNSS receiver to date, built for maximum uptime and a wide range of accuracy options from basic to high precision. It is designed to mount on the roof of most agricultural vehicles to provide positioning and guidance, including autosteer.

Remote Support

TeamViewer Quick Support mobile app is loaded on all GFX750 Screens. For any remote support, the GFX 750 screen can be connected via the operator's mobile phone where another user can view the system remotely.

RangePoint® RTX

All Trimble Powered Systems are unlocked for RangePoint RTX. This subscription is affordable, providing a mid-accuracy correction service < 15 cm (6″) pass-to-pass positioning via satellite. Ideal for broadacre applications.

CenterPoint® RTX

Available as an unlock is CenterPoint® RTX. This accuracy enhancement provides real-time, centimetre-level positions worldwide, creating input savings by decreasing pass-to-pass overlap. High accuracy <2.5 cm (1″) correction service, delivered via satellite. Ideal for planting/seeding, spraying, and strip tilling