PX Series

For Gavin Phillips, a market gardener from Maiden Gully (near Bendigo), the fourth tractor in his fleet was the first he purchased as new and his first Kioti. While the main job for his PX1052 is to transport produce – lettuce, cauliflower, salad onions, cabbages and turnips – from field to shed, Gavin reckons the PX can do pretty much anything.

“I didn’t do a great deal of research. My dealer had a Kioti PX in stock so I went in and checked it out. Then my son looked it over and that was it – we bought it. It was good value for money. I’d have been paying 30 per cent more for a similar offering from another top name brand.

“The PX has a good solid build and the Perkins diesel engine just ticks over and purrs like a kitten. I like the hydraulic shuttle and the de-clutch button; it’s a real positive not to have use the clutch. And the creep gear is very good.

“The beauty of the PX is that it can do every task, from deep ripping to rotary hoe work, to planting and spraying. It steers very well and will pull a chisel plough easily at good depth and needs very little operator control where with other brands you usually have to work to keep it to a line.

“We use it daily, often running it all day. Visibility is good and the carrying capacity is incredible – we can get close to a tonne of cabbages on the back and half a tonne on the front. This is a massive improvement on efficiency, saving us time and labour costs and improving our productivity. Kioti’s PX is a great performer and has given us outstanding gains in efficiency.”


“Kioti's PX tractor is a great performer and has given us outstanding gains in efficiency.” Gavin from Bendigo, Victoria

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