Vicon represents a high-profile specialist in three segments: fertiliser spreaders, bale equipment and forage harvesting. Across the globe more than two million Vicon machines have been sold since the company’s inception.

The renowned European manufacturer offers a broad range of products and services for effective solutions and quality products. Being a high-profile specialist, Vicon offers dedicated products and services within forage harvesting equipment, soil cultivation, seeding systems, fertiliser spreaders and sprayers. 

Over the past 110 years Vicon has introduced a constant stream of groundbreaking innovations and has a proud history of being first on the market with new concepts. Since the worldwide success of early innovations like the ”finger wheel” rake and pendulum type fertiliser spreader, the distinctive Vicon logo has been known as a quality brand embracing a wide range of high performance equipment.

In Australia, Vicon is supported by PFG Australia. PFG is a leading supplier of tractors and specialist agricultural farm machinery.